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Expert NameMr. José Evelio Gutiérrez Hernández
TitleSecond Chief and Manager Professor
DivisionHydroclimatology and Watershed
InstitutionFaculty of Geography, University of Havana
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 7 831 23 17 / 91 05 85
Work Experience-Professor for 27 years at Univ. of Havana -Experience for 27 years at scientific research in Hydrology -Manager Professor for 7 years of “Hydroclimatology and Management Watershed” -Second Head for 20 years of Research Group of Hydroclimatology and Watershed Management of Faculty of Geography, Univ. of Havana -Licenciature: more than 60 semesters -Postgraduate: 22 semesters and 15 conferences in Univ. of Havna -RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: regional hydroclimatological studies and watershed management on Cuban environment, study of Management of model Watersheds in Cuba and Mexico, temporary changes of rain in 3 hydrographic river basins of the West of Cuba. Environmental Problems of the supplying and use of water in great cities
Qualifications-Geographer, Univ. of Havana -Excellence Professor, Univ. of Havana
Number of Publications27
Awards-Medal for the Cuban Education -Medal “Rafael Maria Mendive” -Medal “Jose Tey” -Stamp 270 anniversary of Havana University -Annual Premium for Scientific work in 2001 -Premium for the best finished project in 2001
Other Activities-Participant in more than 25 Scientific Meetings -Principal Assessor of 3 Ph.D. and 5 masters thesis -MEMBER OF SEVERAL COMMISSIONS: technical council of national committee of watershed of Cuba commission for scientific degrees in natural sciences of Havana Univ. Cuban committee of International Geographical Union Scientific Committee President of “Geocuenca I, II and II” Academic Committee of Faculty of Geography
Publications-“Hidrología General” EMPES; Ministerio de Educación Superior, Havana, Cuba, p. 202, 1984 -“Manual de Prácticas de Hidrología General” Ministerio de Educación Superior, Havana, Cuba, p. 202, 1986 -“Determinación de la Analogía Hidrológica de Cuencas Fluviales. Ejemplo de aplicación en el Occidente de Cuba.” Actas Latinoamericanas de Varsovia, no 9, univ. of Warsow, Poland , -“Aspectos teórico-metodológicos de la cuantificación del balance hídrico en cuencas cársicas” Libro de Memorias, Tercre Encuentro de Geógrafos de América Latina. Tomo V, Mexico, 1991 -“Estudios para el Manejo de Cuencas Hidrológicas Modelo en las Republicas de Mexico y Cuba” GEOUNAM, vol. 3, no 2, UNAM, Mexico, pp. 16-20, 1996
Last updated27/07/2011 14:34:00

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