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Expert NameMs. Virgen Caridad Cutié Cancino
InstitutionCentro del Clima del Instituto de Meteorología de Cuba
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 8 867 0714
Work Experience-Member of the Group on National Service of Surveillance of the Climate -Specialist of the Institute of Meteorology, agency of Environment, Ministry of Science and Technology and Environment, Cuba -Chairman of the Meteorological Information department of the Insmet -Member of team of researchers, Improvement of the knowledge of the Climate in Cuba -Expert in the group of drought -Co-Author of project” The protection of the biodiversity of the Archipelago Savann-Camagüey -Co-Author of project “The radiation balance, the potential evapotranspiration in Cuba.” -Co-Author of project, “The drought in Cuba”, “Causes of the drought in cuba and their forecast.” -Member of the working group for the elaboration of the Monograph on “The drought in Cuba” and in UNESCO project:” Minimum events in Mesoamérica”
Qualifications-Agronomic Engineer -Master in Meteorological Science -Meteorologist
Number of Publications8
Awards-System of Surveillance on drought in Cuba -Maps of radiation, potencial evapotranspiration and aridity in Cuba -National Awards from the Academy of Sciences -Protección de la biodiversidad y desarrollo sustentable en el archipielago Sabana-Camagüey -
Other Activities-Collaborator for the Insmet and the Civil Defense in the Evaluation of the processes of drought -Expert in the committee of experts for Evaluation of the projects for the construction of centers of nuclear investigations -Member of the National Group of Fight against the desertification and the drought of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Environment -Member of the Meteorological Society of Cuba
Publications-“Short period drought in Cuba in April, May and June.” Revista Brasiliana de Meteorología, p 22, 2003 -“QBO and Drought in Cuba.” Revista Cubana de Meteorología, vol. 8 no1, p. 25 A 31 ISSSN 0-864-151-X, -“Preservation of the Biodiversity and sustainable development in the Archipelago Sabana-Camagüey.” Editorial CESYTA S.L Madrid, Spain 1999 -“Preservation of the biodiversity protection in Sabana-Camagüey Ecosystem for its lo sustainable development.” Editoria Academia (EDA) ISBN 959-02-0213-6, p. 48-51 -“Enos events and its association with drough.” Press: Revista Cubana de Meteorología, vol. 9 no. 2 pp 38 a 48. ISSSN 0-864-151-X,
DisciplineAtmospheric Sciences
Last updated27/07/2011 14:29:00

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