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Expert NameMr. Juan Francisco Valdés Valdés
DivisionUniversity "Hermanos Saiz"
InstitutionUniversity "Hermanos Saiz"
CityPinar del Río
Telephone53 82 771569
Work Experience-carried out several research projects: Technology for the sustainable management of fragrant and medicinal herbs in Cuba, sustainable management of tropical crops in Ecuador, organic management of tropical plants and medicinal herbs in Peru, organic Agriculture and tobacco production in Colombia. -Participant in elaboration and implememtation of all these projects. -Trainer of technical and professional personnel
Qualifications-Agronomy Engineering, Univ. of Havana -PhD. In Agricultural Science, Univ. of Havana
Number of Publications27
Awards-Award for Cuban Education -Pepito Tey Medal for having worked in the higher education -Award for havin participated in the Literacy Campaign
Other Activities-Member of National Association of Agronomists of Cuba -Head of research group of fragrant and medicinal herbs at univ. of Pinar del Rio -Member of expert team of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment / Cuban Academy of Science -Member of Scientific Committee of the degree of Agronomy at Univ. of Pinar del Rio
Publications-“Tecnología para la producción sostenible de la manzanilla” (Technology for the Sustainable Production of the Matricaria Recutita), vol. 12 # 3, p. 27/30, cultivos tropicales, 2001 -„Tecnología para la producción sostenible de la albahaca blanca.” (Technology for the Sustainable Production of the Ocimum basilicum), Libor resúmenes del 1er Congreso internacional de Plantas Medicinales y Filoterapia, Lima, Peru, 2000 -“ Tecnología para la producción sostenible del Oregano Frances.” (Technology for the Sustainable Production of the Plecthrantus Amboicinus) 14 # pp. 15-17, Avnaces -“Agrotecnia del Tabaco” Edicion Puebleo y Educación, Cuba, 1988 -“Influencia de la densidad de población en el rendimiento y sus principales components en el cultivo de frijol.” (Influence of the Density of population in the yield of the bean plants Growth and its main components) Centro Agrícola, vol. 12 # 1, p. 117-126, 1985
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated27/07/2011 15:05:00

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