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Expert NameMs. Leila Rosa Carballo Abreu
TitleChemistry Professor
InstitutionUniversity of Pinar del Río
CityPinar del Río
Telephone53 82 5452 / 4106
Work Experience-Organic Chemistry Professor during 25 courses in Forestry and Agronomy Faculty -Tutor of scientific work in graduate, master and doctoral thesis -University Lecturer of Wood Chemistry during 5 courses -Visiting Professor, Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil -Head of chemistry discipline in Forestry Faculty -Member of Commission # 33 of Scientific Degree of Cuban’s Republic, Scientific consultant
Qualifications-Degree in Chemistry Science, Univ. of Havana -Doctorate in Technical Science, Univ. of Forestry Wood Technology, Zvoen Slovak Republic
Number of Publications40
Awards-Prize for the Scientific merit of the Vegetal Biomass -Exemplary Educator -Yearly award prize of the Academy of Science of Cuba, 2000/2001 -Cuban National Award in Science, Cuba -Relevant work in Science -Relevant prize in Science Technical Forum XI
Other Activities-Undergraduate courses -Member of the methodological staff of Forestry Faculty -Elaboration of discipline programs and manuals and textbooks -Counseling and supervision for methodological work -6 Patents of invention presented -Postgraduate Course, Advanced organic chemistry; wood chemistry; pericyclic reaction; isolation and identification of bioactive substances
Publications-“Wood Science” Text book, MES, Edit. Pueblo y Educación, Havana, 1986 -“Characerization by Infrared Spectometry of Lignin of three Eucalyptus species. Journal Polymeric Materials, vol. 66, p. 1-10, no 1158 T 001094-158, 2000 -“Obtaining of biologically active products of the foliage of Eucalyptus citriodora Hook, Journal ICIDCA, ISSN 1025-3076, vol. XXXV, no 2-3, 2001 pp 17-23 -“Seasonal dynamics in the content of pigments and it influcnes of the time of storage of the green foliage of Eucalyptus citridora Hook, vol. XXXN, no 1, 2002, Journal ICIDCA, ISSN 1025-3076 -“Opportunities of Pinus caribaea Morelet and Industrial challenger in Pinar del Río Cuba, II International Symposium about Sustainable Management of Forestry Resources, CD-ROM, 2002
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