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Expert NameMr. Uvaldo Orea Igarza
TitleAssisting Profesor of Chemistry
InstitutionUniversity of Pinar del Río
CityPinar del Río
Telephone53 82 5452 / 4106 / 779661
Work Experience-Chemistry professor in the Engineering, Agronomy and Forestry Faculties -Member of the Tribunal in different Scientific Events -Tutor of Master Scientific Degree and Diploma’s Thesis -Member of the Forestry Study Center -Responibilities in investigations of lignocelluloses materials -development projects in Chemical characterization of the wood and bark in different species of the eucalyptus at different heights of the tree -International projects in Study of phenolic compound form eucalyptus bark and Chemcial characterization of component of the foliage
QualificationsDegree in Educatin of Chemistry, Univ. of Havana Doctorate in Forestry Science, Univ. of Pinar del Rio
Number of Publications33
Awards-Prize for the Scientific Merit of the Vegetal Biomass -Exemplary Educator -Yearly award Prize of the Academy of Science of Cuba -Medals for distinctin of Cuban’s Education
Other Activities-Chemistry Professor in the Engineering and Agronomy Faculty at the Univ. Eduardo Mondlane Popular Republic of Mozambique -Training in techniques of pine sawdust hydrolyses (ICIDCA), Havana, Cuba 1999 -Training in techniques of hydrolyses of lignocelluloses material, Forest Academy of San Petersburg, Russia -Training in characterization of new products from pine and eucalyptus foliage, Forest Academy of San Petersburg, Russia -Symposium, Structures, Hydrolyses and Biotechnology of Vegetable Biomass, San Petersburg, Russia -Training in techniques of separation and quantification of phenolic compounds, Univ. of Minnesota Duluth, USA -Separation and quantification of phenolic components in Eucalyptus Bark, Univ. of Minnesota Duluth, USA -Jury of the Event, Proceeding of the tenth annual Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, USA -Biology Seminar Chemical characterization of the wood and bark of 3 species found in Pinar del Rio province, Cuba, Univ. of Minnesota- Duluth, USA -6 patents o
Publications-“Study of the thermal behaviour of the cellulose of the wood of Eucalyptus Citriodora Hook, Eucalyptus Saligna Smith, Eucalyptus Pellita F. Muell to 3 heights of the commercial bole by means of Differential Scanner Calorimetric” Journal ICIDCA; ISSN 105-3076; vol XXXIV, 2000 -“Characterization by Infrared Spectrometry of Ligning of 3 Eucalyptus species.” Journal Polymeric Materials vol. 66. p. 1-10 no 1158, T 001094-158, 2000 -“Obtaining of biologically active products of the forage of Eucalyptus citriodora Hook;” ISSN 1025; vol. XXXV no 2-3, p. 17-23, 2001 -“Seasonal dynamics in the content of pigments and it influences of the time of storage of the green foliage of Eucalyptus citriodora Hook” Journal ICIDCA; ISSN 105-3076; vol XXXV, no 1, p.23-27 2002 -Opportunities of Pinus caribea Morelet and Industrial challenger in Pinar del Río Cuba” II International Symposium about Sustainable Management of Forestry Resources; CD-ROM, 2002
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