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Expert NameMs. Emérita Moreno Rodríguez
DivisionAgencia de Medio Ambiente. CITMA
InstitutionInstituto de Geografía Tropical, Agencia de Medio Ambiente. CITMA
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 832 4295
Work Experience-Head of Ethnobotany researches, project on conservation of biodiversity and forest genetical researches, Forest Research Institute Cuba -Participant in Projects: Ethnobotany, Ethnoecology, Plant Diversity, Cuban and Mexican Rural Community, Cuban National Atlas, National study on Cuban Biolgical Diversity and Genetic fund in Cuban Flora.
QualificationsBiological Sciences PhD, Univ. of Havana
Number of Publications13
Other Activities-Conferencer at Cordoba`s Botanical Garden, Spain. Chiapa`s National Research University on Scientist and Arts, Mexico. Mexico`s National Autonomous University, Mexico, -Scientific advisor to technical and physician at the Health Centre. Tope de Collantes and Juan Tomás Roig National Group -Collaborator in the book “From America`s Garden to the World” -Tutor of diploma thesis on Forest Engineer and Assessor of forestry Master in Science Thesis -Participant in 32 events
Publications-“The uses of medicinal and magic plants for the traditional Cuban midwives.” Fontqueria no. 39, Spain, 1994 -“Crossed spiritualism and plants used in its rituals in West Cuba.” Fontqueria no. 42, Spain, 1994 -“Plant`s vernaculars names of some communities form Northwest region of Cuba.”, Fontqueria no. 42, 1994 -“Cuban wilds plants with possibility to have social use.” Cuban Academic Science, 1992 -“Ethnobotany of Human Communities from Nortwest region of Cuba.” PhD thesis, 2000
Last updated27/07/2011 14:37:00

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