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Expert NameMr. Fernando José Ortega Sastriques
TitleSenior Researcher
DivisionCentro Nacional de Hidrología y calidad del Agua
InstitutionInstituto de Hidrologia y calidad de las aguas. Instituto nacional de recursos hidraulicos
CityLa Habana
Telephone53 579284
Work Experience-PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE IN: -humus soil of Cuba -study of the mire in southeastern of Havana -foundation/establishment of parametric distances between profiles of soil -study of the mire in southwestern of Havana -“Dinámica de la salinidad de los suelos del Valle de Guantánamo” -The saltiness of the soils in Cuba -“Propiedadas fisicas de los suelos vérticos.” The physical nature of the “verticos” soils -“Régimen hídrico de los suelos vérticos de la Provincia Gramma” -Introduction of the methods of the exact Science, technical and natural to the Agriculture -The content of carbons in soils of Cuba at 0 and 3 ka and the prognosis of its development -“Regionalización hidrológica y balance hídrico para las condiciones de Cuba”
Qualifications-PhD Humus Cuban Soils, Havana -Soil Science, St. Petersburg
Number of Publications95
Awards-Honoray member of Soil Science Society of Cuba -Medal Carlos J. Finlay -Reconnaissance for the successfully search of the remains of the guerrilla heroes
Other Activities-Member of the Scientific Advisory committee of the InterAmerican Institute for Global Change Research -Member of the Scientific Advisory committee of Cuban Global Change Research Program -INQUA Carbon Commission -Editor Journal Agricultura Orgánica -Scientific Committee for the preservation of Cauto river Basin
Publications-“La material orgánica de los suelos y el humus de los suelos de Cuba.” Havana, 136 pp. 1982 -“Composición fraccional del humus de los principales suelos de Cuba.” In Sols et Eaux, ORSTOM, Paris, pp. 623-640, 1986 -“La geografía del valle de Vallegrande,” Santa Cruz Bolivia, Vallegarnde, 46 pp + 4 annexes, 1996 -“Periods of wet and dry climate in Cuba: Evaluatin of expression in karst of Sierra de San Carlos.” In Interhemisphere climate linkage, Academic press, New York, pp. 217-226, 2001 -“Las causas de la salinidad de los suelos de Cuba.” Ciencias de la Agicultura, Havana, 27: 126-136, 1986
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated27/07/2011 14:38:00

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