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Expert NamePro.Dr. Norbert Jürgens
TitleDirector of Department and Senior lecturer
DivisionUniversity of Hamburg
InstitutionUniversity of Köln
Telephone49 40 42816260
Work ExperienceVarious projects (LEAD: DFG SFB 389 ACACIA, BMBF BIOTA AFRICA, BMBF THE FUTURE OKAVANGO, BMBF REGIONAL SCIENCE SERVICE CENTER, PARTICIPANT: EU PRACTICE) linking basic science regarding vegetation ecology and adaptive evolution of dryland plants as well as biogeography with applied approaches regarding sustainable resource management, restoration of degraded systems and conservation.
Qualifications1. PhD, Plant Ecology, Hamburg, 1987 2. Habilitation, Biodiversity and Biogeography, Hamburg 1992
Number of Publications75
Awards1. Gründungsmitglied Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg 2. Tagungspräsident Tropentag 2009 3. Chair Diversitas Deutschland 2000-2009
Other Activities1. Advisory Board Member: Desertnet International 2. Principal: GEOSS GEO BON 3. Co-Chair. BioDISCOVERY Core Projects of DIVERSITAS INTERNATIONAL (2003- 2010) 4. Ad-personam gewähltes Mitglied: Deutsche UNESCO Kommission 5. Co-Chair: Nationales Komittee für Global Change Forschung (NKGCF) der DFG (2003- 2009)
Publications1. Jürgens, N.; Schmiedel, U.; Hoffman, M.T.(Eds.) (2010): Biodiversity in Southern Africa. Vol I-III, 1426 pp. Hess Publishers. 2. Jürgens, N., Schmiedel, U., Haarmeyer, D.H., Dengler, J., Finckh, M., Goetze, D., Gröngröft, A., Karen Hahn-Hadjali, Koulibaly, A., Luther-Mosebach, J.C., Muche, G., Oldeland, J., Petersen, A., Porembski, S., Rutherford, M.C., Schmidt, M., Sinsin, B., Strohbach, B.J., Thiombiano, A., Wittig, R., & Zizka, G. (in review). The BIOTA Biodiversity Observatories in Africa – A standardized framework for large-scalenvironmental monitoring. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMAS). 3. Scholes, R.J.; Mace, G.M.; Turner, W.; Geller, G.N.; jürgens, N.; Larigauderie, A.; Muchoney, D.; Walther, B.A.; Monney, H.A. (2008) Toward a Global Biodiversity Observing System. Science 321: 1044-45 4. Jürgens, N. (2008): Monitoring of biodiversity. In: Barthlott, W., Linsenmaier, K. E., Porembski, S. [Eds.]: Biodiversity: structure and function. In: UNESCO [Ed.]: Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS). Eolss Publishers, Oxford, pp. 229-242. 5. Jürgens, N. (2006): Recent change of flora and vegetation in Namibia - A review of dynamics, drivers and scientific approaches. Basler Afrika Bibliographien, pp. 91-108.
DisciplinePlant Science
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