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Expert NameMr. Kjeld Rasmussen
TitleAssociate Professor
DivisionInstitute of Geography
InstitutionUniversity of Copenhagen
Telephone45 1 3532 2563
Work ExperienceSelected scientific projects: a) 1986-90: Use of remote sensing for studies of land use/cover and desertification in northern Burkina Faso. Part of the EU-project 'Caracterisation par les Techniques de Téledétection de la Dynamique de la Désertification dans la Péripherie Sud du Sahara' b) 1987: Responsible for the collaboration between the Institute of Geography and 'centre de Suivi Écologiqué, Dakar, Senegal, conc. Development of methodologies for monitoring of natural vegetation, crops, agro-meteorological parameters and fires by remote sensing. c) 1994-99: Participation in the 'Sahel-Sudan Environmental Research Initiative' (SEREIN), with responsibility for a sub-project on remote sensing applications in land use/cover mapping and monitoring of desertification d) 1994: Collaboration with scientists from CSE, Senegal, on ecological modelling of grazing systems in northern Senegal e) 1996: Project coordinator: Framework project 'Fire in Tropical Ecosystems' f) 1996: Project coo
QualificationsM.Sc., Geophysics, University of Copenhagen Ph.D.., Geography, University of Copenhagen
Number of Publications40
Other Activities
Publications1. Rasmussen, K. & Reenberg, A., (1992): Satellite Remote Sensing of Land-use in Northern Burkina Faso - the case of Kolel Village. Danish Journal of Geography 92: 86-93 2. Rasmussen, K., (1998): Land degradation? In Reenberg, A., Nielsen, I., & Secher Marcussen, H.: The Sahel - Sahelian Perspectives - Myths and Realities. Proc. 10th Danish Sahel Workshop, 5-7 Jan. 1998. SEREIN Occasional Paper 6, Copenhagen 3. Rasmussen, K., Ka, A., Fensholt, R. & Adriansen, H. (1999): Grazing gradients around deep boreholes in the Ferlo of Senegal. Proceedings VI Int. Rangeland Congress: 769-770 4. Rasmussen, K., (1999): Land degradation in the Sahel-Sudan. The Conceptual basis. Danish Journal of Geography, Special Issue, No. 2: 151-159 5. Rasmussen, K., Fog, B. & Madsen, J., (submitted): desertification in reverse? Observations from northern Burkina Faso. Global Environmental Change.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated11/07/2013 18:35:00

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