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Expert NameMr. Idriss Haddouche
InstitutionNational Centre of Spatial Techniques (CNTS)
Telephone213 6 47 22 17
Work Experience- Desertification - Harnessing of wilaya of El-Bayadh - Harnessing of wilaya of Oum El Bouaghi - Agriculture statistics - The use of geographic information system for the pastoral activities management of the Algerian steppe.
Qualifications- Engineer of Pedology (Earth Science) - Study of the fertilizing value of the descended sewage sludge of the purification station of BARAKI: their aptitude to liberate the nitrogen and the phosphorus; - National Institute of Agriculture, Algiers; 1991.
Number of Publications1
Other ActivitiesThesis (in progress): Landscape pedology synthesis cartography by remote sensing -Landsat TM- Region of GHASSOUL (El Bayadh). Training courses (G.D.T.A./C.N.T.S., 1993): - Remote sensing basis. - Geographic information system and remote sensing. Seminary: - Desertification and remote sensing of Nord Africa, Arzew (Algeria), 1993. Member in professional association: - Réseau Zones Arides (Montpellier, France); - Réseau Parcours (Montpellier, France); - Réseau de Télédétection de l'UREF (Université de Sherbrooke - Québec, Canada).
PublicationsZegrar A.; Haddouche I.; Allem A.; Mostefaoui T.; Benhamouda F.; Iftene T., 1997 - Establishment of sensitivity desertification map (semi-arid land). International seminary: Use of spatial tool for major risks prevention. May 05-06 1997 (CNTS/CRSTRA/DGPC), Arzew.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated03/01/2007 15:09:00

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