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Expert NameMr. Mohamed Safar Zitoun
TitleConsultant international
Telephone231 71 44 39 841
Work ExperienceAppraisal of African and international Organisations in the fields of Cartography and the Remote Sensing by primarily scientific coordination and administrative management of various programmes (International Hydrological Mapping programme of Africa, Information System on the Water Resources in the Maghreb, Thematic Programme Network 4 (TPN4)). More particularly: editor of regional hydorgeologic maps and collaboration with the realisation of the national maps (Zaire, Guinea and Ethiopia), animation of a network of African hydrogeologists experts, organisation of international meetings, workshops and training seminars in Africa and Europe (Dakar, Lomé, Addis-Ababa, Algiers, Zagreb, Belgrade, Orléans, Nairobi, Tunis, etc.).
QualificationsLicence, Geology, Algiers, 1971 Engineer Dipl. Hfrogeology, ENSG Nancy (France), 1975 DEA, Nuclear Geology, Nancy (France), 1975
Number of Publications10
Awards1. Attestation de reconnaissance et de gratitude de M; le Ministre des Ressources en Eau (2003) 2. Attestation de reconnaissance de l’Ecole National Supérieure de l’Hydraulique (2003)
Other Activities1. Member and first president of the Algerian Society of geological Sciences 2. Member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists IAH (Hydrological Map Commission) 3. Member of WHYMAP, UNESCO – AIII Commission for the World Hydrological Map.
Publications1. M. Safar Zitoun, 1987. “Le programme de cartographie hydrogéologique international de l’Afrique (PCHIA)”. In Bulletin de la commission de la carte géologique du monde, n°37, juin 1987. 2. M. Safar Zitoun, 1987. “Mezhdunaodnaya gidrogeologicheskaya karta Afriquevklad v issledovanic Kontinenta” (Carte hydrogéologique de l’Afrique – contribution à l’étude du continent) in Probl. Prityn’ 1987, 17-20 pp. 3. M. Safar Zitoun, 1989. “Expérience de cartographie hydrogéologique en Afrique: le programme de cartographie hydrogéologique international de l’Afrique (PCHIA)”. Résultats et analyses in mémoires of ISHLMTESD, Hannover, 30 maii-2 juin 1989 – éditions Verlag-Heinz, 427-437 pp. 4. M. Safar Zitoun, 2004. “Le système d’information sur les ressources en eau d es pays de l’Afrique du Nord – SIREPAN – un outil de gestion concertée des ressources en eau”. In managing shared aquifer in Africa, Ed. Bo Appelgren ISARM – Africa, 217-222 pp. 5. S. Saradeth, R. Möller, T. Wever and M. Safar Zitoun, 2005. “GAF AG in Germany satellites aid African aquifer management”, in World Water Journal, 17-18 pp.
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