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Expert NameMr. Zakaria Smahi
DivisionLaboratory of Remote Sensing
InstitutionNational Centre of Spatial Techniques (CNTS)
Telephone213 6 47 22 17
Work ExperienceParticipation in a research project titled: The use of GIS for the pastoral activities' management of the Algerian's steppe. This project is supported by the International Development Research Centre (Canada) and the National Centre of Spatial Techniques (Algeria).
Qualifications- Engineer of Geodesy - Texture analysis and segmentation of remote sensing images, CNTS, 1993. - Magister (Master). Integration of physical and socio-economic data on GIS for pastoral activities management. CNTS, 1997.
Number of Publications2
Other Activities1. Training course of two weeks in Tunis (Tunisia): ARC/INFO's software initiation, prototypage techniques (fast and evolutive), particularly data conceptual models in the aim of the GIS development, and SAGATELE's application developed together with Laval University's team (Canada). 2. Member in the following professional associations: - Network of "zones arides" (Montpellier, France); - Network of "Parcours" (Montpellier, France): - Africagis newsletter (Abidjan, Ivory Coast); - Network of AUPEL UREF (Sherbrook, Canada); - Forestry and society newsletter (Beijing, China).
Publications1. SMAHI. Z, BENSAID. A, IFTENE. T & BENZINEH. S, 1997 "The use of the remote sensing and GIS for monitoring help of grasslands degradation risks". Proceeding of "the use of spatial tool for major risks prevention". Arzew, Oran, Algeria. 2. SMAHI. Z, 1997, "The use of geographical information system for pastoral activities management on a semi-arid area: integration of the socio-economics and physical data on GIS". Congress proceeding on the XVIII international grassland congress '97. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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