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Expert NameProf. Dr. Hassan Hendy
TitleProf. Dr.
DivisionPlant Protection Department, Divieion of Ecology and Dry Land Agricuture
Telephone+202 263 30759 / 32757/00201005820222
Work Experience) 1- Cooperation With Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt, in the following Domain A- Lecturer (Charge de Cours), Phytopatholgy, Nematology, and zoology at the (institute Superieur D' Agriculture), ISA B- Nematode Researches in Burundi with different publication, specially on Coffee, Banana, Corn, Haricot, Cotton and Other Crops under Subtropical conditions. C- (1987 – 1988) Editorial Secretary of (Revue des technique Agrcoles Tropicals) ; I.S.A. Burundi. 2- (1993) (9 month) Post Doctor training, Remote Sensing in Plant Protection, Arizona UNIV., U.S.A 3-(1994) (6 month) Post Doctor, Peace fellowship, Deterioration of biological control activity of nematode pathogenic fungi in cornell University Cornell UNIV. U.S.A. 4-Oct. 2001 – Oct. 2005 Egypt representative, Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS), with the following basic objectives: 5-Oct.2005- May 2007: Professor of Nematology (Since 1994) Vice Chairman and Chairman of Division of Ecology and Dry Land Agriculture (since 01/03/2006) up to now.
QualificationsD. Sc. (Doctor D'Etat) (Contribution A l' Etude Des relations Hotes-Parasites Chez Les Nematodes Phytophages Du Genre Meloidopgyne, Genetique Et mecanismes De La Resistance Chez Capsicum spp). ( Science, Nematology Montpelier, France. (1984)
Number of Publications40
Other Activities1-Editorial secretary of (The Desert Institute Bulleting, Egypt 1995 – 2001). 2-Head and member of training Committee, DRC, Cairo (1995 – 2001). 3-Desertification -Environmental Protection (Non Chemical control of pests). -Land Use planning. -Remote Sensing , GIS, DBASE 4-Rural development of El-QASR region, Egypt (GTZ) 1989 – 1992. Biological controls of Nematode (1989 – 1994) NARP project. 5-Basic Socio – Economic & technical indicator for investment and location of land Reclamation projects for public private sector in Egypt. 1996 – 2000
Publications1- 1989.Osman.A.A.and Hendy, H.H. Rootstocks and transplants as a major source of nematode infestation in newly reclaimed soil with special reference to Salhia Project in Egypt .Bull . Fac .of Agric.,Cairo Univ.,40; 495- 504 2-: 2007. Ragay M., Hendy H. H., Khashba H.. Abd El-Mabod M. F. Water extracts of some wild plants as a mean of none chemical control against the two land snails Monacha cartusiana (müller) and Theba pisana (müller) under laboratory condition . Agriculture science magazine, Mansoura Univ.No . (12) , vol . (32) 3-:1985 HENDY H. ; DALMASSO A. ; CARDIN M. C. ; Differences in resistant Capsicum annuum attacked by different Meloidogyne species .Nematologica ISSN 0028-2596,No . n°1 , vol . 31 4- . (1985) HENDY, H. ,pochard, E. and Dalmasso, A Transmission hereditaire de la resistance aux nematodes Meloidogyne chitwood (Tylenchida) portee par 2 lighnees de Capsicum annuum L. Etude de descendances homozygotes issues d androgenese . Agronomise 5:93-100. 5- 1993 M .S Moran1 , H .HENDY ……….. Evaluating energy balance of semiarid rangeland from combined optical –microwave remote sensing Univ . of Arizona, Dept of soil and water Science, Tucson, Az. 85719 Proceeding of IEEE Co-MEAS ? 93 Topical Symposium, March 22-25, 1993 in Albuquerque, NM
DisciplinePlant Science
Last updated31/10/2014 12:25:00

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