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Expert NameMr. Abdel-Fattah Mohamed Abdel-Wahab
DivisionPostgraduates & Research
InstitutionSuez Canal University
Telephone202 064 324501
Work Experience1. Principal investigator of the following projects: a) Some aspects towards overcoming vegetable oils insufficiency in Egypt: Production of sunflower and its improvement in Suez Canal region, 1985, University Linkage Projects. b) Production of nonconventional forage crops in Suez Canal and Sinai Regions, NARP Project, 1988. c) Development, production and nutritional value of oil crops in Suez Canal and Sinai region, University Linkage project, 1990. d) Vulnerability assessment of the low-lying coastal areas in the southern part of the Suez Canal in the context of climate change and sea level rise, Egypt, 1994. e) Evaluation of the Bedouin settlement activities in Sinai, 1994. 2. Member of research teams of the project: Assessment of gravel beds hydroponics sewage treatment in tropical and arid areas, in collaboration with Port-Smouth Polytechnic, 1986
QualificationsB.Sc. in Agric. Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt Ph.D. in Agronomy, Timiriazev Academy, Moscow, Russia
Number of Publications40
Other Activities 1. Member of the Egyptian Society of Agronomy 2. Member of the Egyptian Society of Botany 3. Chairman of the Committee for Promotion of Professors and Associate Professors in the field of Agronomy, Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities 4. Member of the nongovermental organization "Community Development and Environmental Protection", Ismailia, Egypt
Publications1. Abdel-Wahab, A.M. ; Awad, A.; Rammed, A.M. and Shehata, I.A.H. (1991) Influence of fertilization and plant height at cutting on yield yield components and forage quality of alfalfa under sandy soil conditions Zagazig J. Agric. Rev. , vol 18(5): 1417-1428 2. Abdel-Wahab, A.M.; El-Fieshawy, M.A.; Awad, A. and Goballah, S.B. (1992). Effect of NPK and time of harvest on : I. Turber Zield and Zield components of cassava (Manibot esculenta, ratZ) 5th Egyptian Botanical Conference, saint Catherin, Sinai, Egypt 3. Abdel-Wahab, A.M.; Awad, A.; El-Fieshawy M.A. and Gaballah, S.B. (1992). Effect of NPK and time harvest on : II Chemical composition of cassava tuber (Manibot esculenta, rantZ) 5th Egyptian Botanical Conference, Saint Catherin, Sinai, Egypt. 4. Abdel-Wahab A.M. ; G.M. Yakout and M.S.H. Yousef (1993) Effect of irrigation intervals and water quality on yield and yield quality of two Atriplex ssp. International Scientific Conference on the Taklamakan Desert 83-84, Urumqi
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
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