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Expert NameMr. Enrique Correal Castellanos
InstitutionAgriculture Research & Development Centre
CityLa Alberca (Murcia)
Telephone34 968 366740
Work Experience. Pasture and forage crops for semiarid Mediterranean areas dominated by cereal-livestock farming and degraded rangelands 2. Agronomic screening of native and foreign species tolerant to dry and cold environments 3. Research and project leadership on fodder shrubs and pasture legumes 4. Multipurpose woody species: multiplication, establishment and management 5. Forage shrub plantations as feed banks for scarcity periods 6. Yield and feed value of rangeland forage species 7. Valorization of genetic resources of native flora: aromatic and medicinal plants, industrial and biomass crops
QualificationsAgricultural Engineer, 1971, Univ. of Valencia (Rural improvement) Prel. M:S:, 1973-74, Univ. Western Australia (Plant Nutrition)
Number of Publications70
Awards1. INIA, FAO and World Bank postgraduate fellowships for training on pasture sciences at CRIA-Badajoz, ant Universities of Western Australia and Alabama 2. Participation in 10th session UN (New York) Convention to Combat Desertification, invited by Spanish foreign affair office as expert 3. External evaluator of ICARDA Pasture Research Programme in June 1994. and participant in workshop Initiative to Control Natural Resource degradation (Desertification) of Arid Lands in the Middle East (Cairo, Egypt)
Other Activities1. 1978 to 1984 coordinator of the Spanish INIA-Pasture Research Programme 2. 1987 to 1996 liaison officer of the FAO-Mediterranean Pasture Subnetwork 3. professor in post-graduate courses organised by the CIHEAM in Zaragoza-IAMZ (1982 to 1993), Chania-IAMCh (1989), Aleppo-ICARDA (1995), Rabat-IAVH (1998), Cairo-DRC (2001), Lisbon-EZN (2005) 4. agronomic assistant to the Spanish Foreign Ministry on arid lands agriculture (Middle East Development workshops in Casablanca and Cordoba; 1993-1994) and on desertification (Convention to Combat Desertification, UN-New York, Madrid and Murcia; 1997-1998) 5. consulted as pasture expert to review projects in Morocco for the AIEA-Vienna (1997-2000), for ICARDA in Aleppo (1994) and Cairo (1998) and for the EU-DGXII in Brussels (1996)
Publications1. CORREAL, E., ERENA, M., RÍOS, S., ROBLEDO, A., VICENTE, M. 2009. Agroforestry systems in southeastern Spain. In: A. Rigueiro-Rodríguez et al. (eds.),Agroforestry in Europe: current status and future prospects. Chapter 9. pp. 183-210. Advances in Agroforestry, vol.6. Springer. 2. CORREAL, E.; ROBLEDO, A.; RIOS, S.; RIVERA, D. 2006. Mediterranean dryland sheep-cereal systems. pp.14-26. En: Grassland Science in Europe, vol.11. EGF.Badajoz. 847pp. Editores: J.Lloveras et al. 3. ORTIZ-DORDA, J.; MARTINEZ-MORA, C.; CORREAL, E.; SIMON, B.; CENIS, J. L. 2005. Genetic structure of Atriplex halimus populations in the Mediterranean basin. Annals of Botany 95: 827-834. 4. PASCUAL-VILLALOBOS, M.J.; CORREAL, E. 2005. Alternative crops for industry and rural development in Spain. pp.51-71. In: Pascual-Villalobos et al (Edts). AAIC. Industrial Crops and Rural Development. Proceedings of 2005 Annual Meeting of the AAIC (Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops). 5. Correal, E., Sánchez,P. and Alcaraz F. 1987. Woody species (trees and shrubs) of multiple value for the arid and semi-arid zones of northern Mediterranean EEC countries. In: Seminaire sur les Especes ligneuses a usages multiples des zones arides Mediterraneennes. IAMZ. CEE-Agrimed Programme, Rapport UER 11770,pp:1-39.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated02/09/2009 16:08:00

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