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Expert NameDr. Jose Luis Rubio
TitleChief of Department
Telephone+34 1220540
Work ExperienceJose Luis Rubio is the President of the European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC). He has 30 years of experience in the soil science thematic and related environmental aspects such as desertification, and other socio-economic consequences. He has been the founder and first Director of the Desertification Research Center-CIDE, Valencia. ) and has been involved in many scientific advisory activities to national and international organism like UN-UNEP, UNCCD, OECD, EU, NATO, FAO, OSCE and the European Parliament
QualificationsDr. Agronomic Engineer, University of Valencia 1976
Number of Publications
Awards1. Award: Rey Jaime I: Environmental protection1996 (Spain). 2. International Award. Gold Medal of the Polish Society of Soil Science 2003 3. Councillor of the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC)
Other Activities1.Founder and First Director of the Centro de Investigaciones sobre Desertificación –CIDE 2.First Proyect Leader of the European Topic Centre on Soil (European Environment Agency) 3.Scientific Adviser of the Spanish Delegation to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. 4.Member of the Board of Directors of International Soil Conservation Organization (ISCO). 5.President of the Environmental Commission of the Alto Consejo Consultivo (Generalitat Valenciana
Publications1. RUBIO, J.L., BOCHET, E. (1998). Desertification indicators as diagnosis criteria for desertification risk assessment in Europe. Journal of Arid Environments 39(2), 113-120. 2. RUBIO, J.L., FORTEZA, J., ANDREU, V., CERNI, R. (1997). Soil profile characteristics influencing runoff and soil erosion after forest fire: A case study (Valencia, Spain). Soil Technology 11, 67-78. 3. _ GIMENO-GARCIA, E., ANDREU, V., RUBIO, J.L. (2007). Influence of vegetation recovery on water erosion at short and medium-term after experimental fires in a Mediterranean shrubland. Catena 69 (2), 150-160. 4. _ RUBIO, J.L., MOLINA, M.J., ANDREU, V., et al. (2005). Controlled forest FIRE experiments: Pre- and post-fire soil and vegetation patterns and processes. In: International Symposium on Sustainable Use and Management of Soils in Arid and Semiarid Regions (Cartagena-Spain, September 22-26, 2000). Advances in Geoecology 36, pp 313-328. Ed. Catena-Verlag. 5. Rubio, J.L.; Safriel, U.; Daussa, R.; Blum, W.E.H.; Pedrazzini, F. (Eds.) (2009). Water Scarcity, Land Degradation and Desertification in the Mediterranean Region.Environmental and Security Aspects Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop Valencia, Spain 10-11 December 2007 NATO Science for Peace and Security Series Ed Springer
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated18/11/2014 17:42:00

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