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Expert Name Mirjam Orvomaa
DivisionFinnish Environment Institute
Telephone00 358 403539329
Work ExperienceThematic areas: Monitoring and assessment, Water quality, Water conservation, Climate change, Vulnerability, Extreme events, Sustainable land management; Geographic area(s) of field of experience (countries/regions): Finland ®ions with Nordic climate
QualificationsMaster of Science, Geology, University of Helsinki, 2007 and Horticulturist, Landscape Design, Yrkeshögskolan Sydväst, 2002
Number of Publications3
Other Activities
Publications1. Vienonen, S., Rintala, J., Orvomaa, M., and Santala, E., Maunula, M., 2012. Climate change impacts and the adaptation measures in the Finnish water services, Finnish Environment 24/2012 2. Hatakka, T., Orvomaa, M. and Gustafsson, J. 2009. A comparison of Finlands’s groundwater monitoring programs and the analyzed results, Reports for the Finnish Environment Institute 17/2009 3. Orvomaa, M. 2008. Legislated protection areas for groundwater intake plants, Finnish Environment 40/2008
Last updated07/03/2014 13:04:00

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