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Expert NameProf. Olavi Luukkanen
DivisionDepartment of Forest Sciences
InstitutionUniversity of Helsinki
Telephone358 9 7085643
Work Experience- Kenya Forestry Master Plan Team Leader, Nairobi, 1992-94. - Thai Forestry Sector Master Plan, Forest Ecology and Management expert 1990-91. - Forestry Research of Bura Irrigated Fuelwood Project, Kenya 1984-93, Leader (Helsinki) - Finland-Sudan scholarship programme, Finland and Sudan 1991-1997 (previous research in the Sudan since 1983) /89. - Research in Thailand since 1979 - Research in Indonesia since 1982 - Short-term missions to Nepal, Tanzania, and other SADC countries, Malaysia & Laos. - Study tours in India, China, Siberia and USA and Canada.
QualificationsDr Sc For (Helsinki 1978), M.Sc. Genetics (Helsinki 1973), M.Sc. Forestry (Wisconsin '72)
Number of Publications218
Awards1. Agricultural Science Society of Thailand, Honorary Member 2. Finnish Society of Forest Science, President 1983-84. 3. Finnish Biological Society Vanamo, Deputy Chairman (3 years) 4. Asian Development Bank Roster of Experts 1996-2001.
Other Activities1. Professor of Tropical Silviculture, Helsinki, since 1984. 2. Professor of Botany (Helsinki, ) 1980-8222. 3. Associate Professor of Silviculture (Helsinki 1983-84). 4. Forest Management and sustainable Development on Dry and Degraded Tropical Lands (Kenya, Sudan, Thailand, Indonesia, China), Academa of Finland Research Project Leader (1982-) 1996-1998.
Publications1. Bruns S., Furberg J., Luukkanen, O. & Wood P. 1996 (ed) Dryland Forestry Research. IFS Stockholm, 218 p. 2. Luukkanen, O. with KFMP Staff 1994, Kenya Forestry Mster Plan. MENR, Nairobi, 422 p. 3. Luukkanen, O. 1978 Gas exchange in clones of piceaabies (Dr. Sc. Thesis), Acta for Fennica 162, 63 p. 4. El Sheikh, A., E. & Luukkanen (ed) 1989. Sudan Silva Special Issue, Sudan Silva 27, 99 p. 5. Odera, J., Luukkanen, O., Johansson, S., & Kaamkka, V. (ed) 1993, Forestry in irrigation schemes. E. African Agr. for J. Special Issue, EAAF J 58, 127 p.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/01/2014 12:44:00

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