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Expert NameMs. Marja-Liisa Tapio-Biström
TitleResearch Fellow
DivisionInstitute of Development Studies
InstitutionUniversity of Helsinki
Telephone358 9 2962839
Work Experience1. Expert member of the governmental commission for sustainable development in Finland. 2. Adviser for the Ministry of Agriculture for FAO food summit. 3. A research project on the impact of food aid on recipient countries. 4. "An outcast of Finnish FAO-policy" a report for the Min. of Agriculture. 5. "Global food outlook with special ref. to Russia and China", a report to MOA. Lecturer on rural development issues since 1978 at Helsinki Univ.
QualificationsLicentiate in Agric. and Forestry, Agricultural Economics, Univ. of Helsinki , 1992. Master of Agric. and Forestry, Entomology and plant pathology, Univ. of Helsinki, 1980.
Number of Publications3
Other Activities
Publications1. Team Leader for a mid-term review on "Awareness building and facilitating the use of neem as a source of natural insecticides in Sub-Saharan Africa" in Kenya. 2. Three periods of field work in Tanzania and Kenya related to a research project on the impact of food aid on food security. 3. Desk Officer for Finnish Red Cross with projects in Ethiopia and Somalia.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated31/10/2014 16:50:00

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