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Expert NameMr. Ronald Bellefontaine
DivisionUnit 39 Genetic diversity and improvement of forest species, in charge of dry areas
CityMontpellier cedex 5
Telephone33 04 67545295
Work ExperienceArgan-tree is a multipurpose species with great socio-economical interest for women in south-west Morocco, utilized for people and livestock alimentation, as well as in medicine, in cosmetics and to prevent desertification and erosion. The natural stands are in constant reduction. Given this situation, I coordinate and find a private donator in 2006 to take part in a practical project for a 3-yr long duration. The goal is to improve the current quality of the argan-tree stands using as planting stock superior plants issued from selected mother trees and to produce ultimately more homogeneous clonal populations. Out of the 14 plus trees selected by the local populations and with the help of the “Centre Régional de Recherches Forestières de Marrakech”, thousands rooted cuttings have been produced from argan-tree seedlings, while testing different rooting conditions. The vegetative propagation techniques developed are cutting, grafting, and aerial layering.
QualificationsIngénieur agronome des Eaux et Forêts (section tempérée et, en options, section tropicale), 1965-1970, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgique).
Number of Publications220
Other Activities1.Member of the “Comité Scientifique Français contre la Désertification » and « DesertNet International » 2. Member of the “Comité de rédaction” of the French Revue “Sécherese” 3. IFS Adviser (for phD) 4. Reviewer for different Reviews and Journals 5. Coordinator of the network “Argan tree”.
Publications1. Bellefontaine R., 2010. De la domestication à l’amélioration variétale de l’arganier (Argania spinosa L. Skeels) ? Sécheresse 21 (1), 42-53. 2. Bellefontaine R., Malagnoux M., 2008. Vegetative Propagation at Low Cost: A Method to Restore Degraded Lands (pp. 417-433). In: The Future of Drylands. Tunis, Tunisia, June 2006. Published jointly by C. Lee and T. Schaaf (Ed), UNESCO Publishing, Man and the Biosphere series (Paris) and Springer SBM (Dordrecht), 855 p. 3. Meunier Q., Bellefontaine R., Boffa J.M. and Bitahwa N., 2006. Low-cost vegetative propagation of trees and shrubs. Technical Handbook for Ugandan rural communities. Ed. Angel Agencies, Kampala. CIRAD, Montpellier, 66 p. 4. Bellefontaine R., Petit S., Pain-Orcet M., Deleporte Ph., Bertault J.G., 2002. Trees outside forests. Towards better awareness. FAO Conservation Guide n° 35, Rome, 2002, 216 p. 5. Bellefontaine R., Gaston A., Petrucci Y., 2000. Management of natural forests of dry tropical zones. FAO Conservation Guide n° 32, FAO Rome, 318 pages.
DisciplineForest and Rangeland Dynamics
Last updated18/04/2011 18:42:00

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