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Expert NameDr. Martial Bernoux
TitleSenior Scientist (Directeur de Recherche)
DivisionUMR Eco&Sols
CityMontpellier Cedex 2
Telephone33 04 99612108/101
Work ExperienceSince 1994, I have coordinated 14 research projects funded by Brazilian and French funding agencies including the French Ministry of Ecology, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEE), and the French Fund for World Environment (AFD/FFEM Project). I also participated to 13 other national and international projects, e.g. project funded by the European Community (STD2-contract), another funded by NASA and NSF. IRD representative in the GEF/UNEP Project “Carbon Benefits Project: Modelling, Measurement and Monitoring” (2010-1012), and in the GEF/UNEP Project (GFL/2740-02-4381) “Assessment of soil organic carbon stocks and change at national scale: Jordan, Brazil, India and Kenya” (2002-2005). ( Since 2009: FAO Consultant: Development of FAO Ex-ante Carbon-balance Tool (Ex-Act).
QualificationsResearch supervision authorisation (“HDR”), soil carbon vulnerability, Univ. of Orléans (France), 2007 Doctorate, Soil Sciences: Carbon dynamics and spatial variability, Univ. of Orléans (France), 1998 PhD, Soil Sciences: Carbon dynamics and spatial variability, Univ. of São Paulo (Brazil), 1998
Number of Publications47
Other Activities1. Since 2010, nominated committee member of the French Scientific Committee on Desertification (CSFD - 2. 2007-2010, elected steering and administrative committee member of the French National Association for Soils (AFES: 3. Since 2007, nominated scientific committee member of the program GESSOL (Gestion du patrimoine sol ) of the French Ministry in charge of Ecology and Sustainable Development. 4. Contributing Author (Chapter 3) of the IPCC Good Practice Guidance for LULUCF (2003). 5. French representative at the IPCC Expert Meeting Revisiting the Use of Managed Land as a Proxy for Estimating National Anthropogenic Emissions and Removals (May, 2009).
Publications1.Moreira C.S., Brunet D., Verneyre L., Sá S., Cerri C.C., Bernoux M. 2009. Near infrared spectroscopy for assessment of soil bulk density. European Journal of Soil Science. 60, 785-791. 2.Feller C., Bernoux M. 2008. Historical advances of global terrestrial soil organic carbon sequestration. Waste Management, 28, 4, 734–740 3. Chapuis-Lardy L., Wrage N., Metay A., Chotte J.L, Bernoux M. 2007. Soils, a sink for N2O? A review. Global Change and Biology. 13, 1-17 4. Bernoux M., Cerri C.C., Cerri C.E.P. Siqueira Neto M., Metay A., Perrin A.S., Scopel E., Razafimbelo T., Blavet D., Piccolo M.C., Pavei M., Milne E. 2006. Cropping systems, carbon sequestration and erosion in Brazil, a review. Agronomy for Sustainable Development. 26, 1, 1-8. 5. Bernoux M., Carvalho M.C.S, Volkoff B., Cerri C.C. 2001. CO2 emission from mineral soils following land-cover change in Brazil. Global Change Biology, 7, 779-787
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated25/07/2011 16:36:00

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