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Expert NameDr. Jean-Paul Chassany
DivisionNational Institute of Agronomics Research (INRA),
Telephone33 6 10 90 57 69/00 33
Emailchassany(at); jean-paul.chassany(at)
Work ExperienceI began as a teacher for 4 years in a tunisian agriculture school in semi arid area (Sfax) and then as assistant in rural development section, at (INAT) In Tunis. Then, coming back to France, at INRA, in Montpellier, I developed research on farming systems dynamics in Mediterranean marginalized area and their impact on local development. In the eighties, I studied the relations between agriculture development and environmental dynamics and the concept of continuous observation of these evolutions as a decision tool for local actors (PIREN CNRS: Observation of ecologic change in relation with economic and social change). I was the scientific responsible for the Causses/Cévennes area and also for the following Program “Recreating Nature”, (Parc national des Cévennes (PnC)/ Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris). Now I am dealing with problems of “territorial resources” participative development and management in arid and semi arid Mediterranean areas, in relation with natural resources conservation. Thematic areas: Rural Development, Natural Resources management, Public Policies Evaluation
Qualifications- National Agronomics Institute (in Paris), 1963, - DEA in economics, Montpellier University _1976
Number of Publications70
Other ActivitiesLeadership of the Laboratory of Rural Economics at INRA Montpellier (1992-2000) President of the “Mediterranean Forest” French Association”________ Vice-president of the scientific committee of the National Park of Cévennes, _South of France Administrator of the French Association of Pastoralism
Publications1.ARNAUD, M.-T. ; CHASSANY, J.-P. (1997) Economic and ecological consequences of the disappearance of traditionnal practices related to chestnut groves. - Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 49, n° 4, pp. 373-391, Académic Press Limited 2. CHASSANY JP., 1999, Economic and Social Apparaisal of the Feasability of Land Restoration, Rehabilitation, and Reallocation in arid and semiarid zones: a holistic approach, in Journal of Native and Agricultural Environments: Arid Soil Research and Rehabilitation, vol.13, n°4 : p. 383-395, 1999, Taylor et Francis _____________________________ 3. CHASSANY JP, CROSNIER C, COHEN M, LARDON S, LHUILLIER C, OSTY PL, (2002) Réhabilitation et restauration de pelouses sèches en voie de fermeture sur le causse Méjan : quels enjeux pour une recherche en partenariat ? Rev. Écol. (Terre Vie), supplément 9, 2002. 4 Bessaoud O., Chassany JP, Abdelhakim T, Nawar M, 2005, Le développement rural durable en Méditerranée, Agri.Med, Agriculture, pêche, alimentation et développement rural durable dans la région méditerranéenne, Rapport Annuel CIHEAM 5.CHASSANY J.P., Salles J.M., 2012, Potentiels et limites des paiements pour services environnementaux dans les programmes de lutte contre la désertification, , Sécheresse vol. 23, n°3, juillet août septembre 2012, pp 177-184.
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