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Expert NameDr. Christophe Cudennec
TitleAssociate Professor
CityRennes Cedex
Telephone33 02 23 48 55 58
Work ExperienceBilateral Tunisia-French project dealing with integrated water-agriculture-development in Tunisia: field data collect and management, scientists-stakeholders cooperation, students mentoring, environmental changes assessment and prospective simulation. Inscription within the international IWMI network, EU Integrated projects, bilateral strategy. Field and distance-based cooperation in Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Indonesia. Project coordination in France for knowledge transfer between scientists and stakeholders. Project participation in several French hydrological projects. Member of the French UNCCD committee: Comité Scientifique Français de la Désertification. Member of the UNESCO G-WADI network, actually developing a francophone internet portal; Francophone editor of bilingual Hydrological Sciences Journal for wider knowledge dissemination.
QualificationsAgronomist, ENSA Rennes Fr., 1994 / PhD, Hydrogeomorphological modelling, ENSA Rennes Fr., 2000 / Habilitation, Arid and semiarid hydrogeomorphology, Univ. Rennes Fr., 2008.
Number of Publications84
AwardsYoung scientist Tison 2007 Award bestowed by the Int. Ass. for Hydrological Sciences. 2. Associated editor of Hydrological Sciences Journal; and of Hydrology Research. 3. Guest editor in 2007 of a special section of Hydrological Sciences Journal dedicated to Dryland hydrology in Mediterranean regions.
Other Activities1. Expert for the French sanitary agency dealing with environmental hazards AFSSET (since 2007): water related hazards, water reuse. 2. Project expert evaluation for European Framework Programme, & Slovak R&D Agency. 3. 3.5 years in a collaborative project in Tunisia (2003-2006). 4. 16 months as the scientific attaché of the French embassy in Iceland (1995-1996). 5. EuropAid Expert for data management improvement within and between Algerian water-related ministry and agencies (2010).
Publications1. Nasri S., Albergel J., Cudennec C., Berndtsson R., 2004. Hydrological processes in macrocatchment water harvesting in the arid region of Tunisia: the traditional system of tabias. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 49, 2, 261-272 2. Nasri S., Cudennec C., Albergel J., Berndtsson R., 2004. Use of a geomorphological transfer function to model design floods in small hillside catchments in semiarid Tunisia. Journal of Hydrology, 287, 1-4, 197-213 3. Cudennec C., Slimani M., Le Goulven P., 2005. Accounting for sparsely observed rainfall space-time variability in a rainfall-runoff model of a semiarid Tunisian basin. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 50, 4, 617-630 4. Slimani M., Cudennec C., Feki H., 2007. Structure du gradient pluviométrique de la transition Méditerranée–Sahara en Tunisie: déterminants géographiques et saisonnalité. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 52, 6, 1088-1102 5. Cudennec C., Leduc C., Koutsoyiannis D., 2007. Dryland hydrology in Mediterranean regions–a review. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 52, 6, 1077-1087
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