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Expert NameMr. Christophe Benard
DivisionEvelopment Programme Manager,Institute for research and application of development methods (IRAM)
Telephone 01 44 08 67 67
Work Experience11 years experiences in pastoralism and animal husbandry projects: Chad, Niger, Benin, Mali, Senegal, India. •Pastoralism and herding system analysis : investigation in different herding systems, elaboration of activities (planning and feasibilities). Technical assistance in herding development projects, particularly in eastern Chad : interactions between pastoral areas uses (refugees, pastoralist people). •Participation in the development of national strategies for livestock development (linked to pastoralism) •Work on support services to livestock and its economic value: market place and water point fitting, dialogue on pastoral area management •Agricultural and herding systems economic inter-action: survey methodology, elaboration of small-scale farms typology, support on farms development activities. •Analysis of agricultural and herding channel market: small-scale production system approach and economic analysis (ruminant and poultry). •Support to herder’s organisation : advice and counseling, elaboration of training sessions for producers, technical and management advice to groups’ activities, supporting groups autonomy in crops marketing, identification and creation of income generating activities. Pastoralism 2. Integrated water resources management 3. Land management (conflicts prevention) _ 4. Economic development in pastoral areas
QualificationsMaster of science Animal production in arid areas, Montpellier, France (2006): zootechny, livelihood analysis (in herds), economic development, channel market for animal products, producers structuration
Number of Publications
Other Activities1. Membership of Iram association; 2. Technical assistant in main pastoralism programs in Chad (pastoral water supply, pastoral resources management, participation to the pastoralist platform in Chad) ; 3. Participation in “Eclis program” : Herding, Climate and Society (French Research agency donation); 4. Development program in saharian areas : Niger and Chad (interactions between oase systems and arid pastoralism systems); 5. Seminary : « Politique sectorielle du pastoralisme au Tchad : quelles orientations »
Publications1. _ Bénard C., Faye B., Moulin C.H., Köhler-Rollefson I., “Typology of the camel keepers in the Jaisalmer district, Rajasthan”, Journal on Camel Research and Practice, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, 10p; 2. _Bénard C., Bonnet B., 2010. Etude de cas sur la vulnérabilité et l'adaptabilité des éleveurs face aux évènements dans la commune de Djougou au Bénin. ECliS, 3.2d, Elev,_; 3. Djalta D., Bénard C. « Expériences de démarches et politiques de prévention des conflits liés au pastoralisme », Volet AGRP, projet Almy Al Afia II, N’Djamena (in colloque « Elevage pastoral : une contribution durable au développement et à la sécurité des espaces saharo-sahéliens »)
DisciplineAnimal Science
Last updated27/08/2014 15:15:00

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