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Expert NameMr. Jacques Claude
TitleIRD Representative in Tunisia
Telephone33 1 750 009
Work Experience-evaluation of water resources of the great fluvial basins (Tunisia and West Africa) - control of discharge and water quality: hydrological measurements systems, constitution of data bases, data processing - study of run-off and erosion on representative watersheds - study of solid transportation and sedimentation indams reservoirs - studies of hydraulic management and infrastructures for multiple purposes: irrigation, hydro-electricity, protection against floods, railway and road works … - coordination of multidisciplinary research programms (Mare d'Oursi, Burkina Faso) - participation in different panels of experts for strategic studies, collegial expertise or projects evaluation: IBSRAM, IPED-CCD, E.U. INCO-DC & INCO-Med, ACSAD,
QualificationsEngineer of "Ecole Centrale de Paris" 1967, DEA Hydrology Paris Sorbonne 1968
Number of Publications95
AwardsMember of the redactory committee of "Sécheresse, sciences et changements planétaires"
Other Activities
Publications1. Calude J. Grouzis M., Milleville P. (éditeurs scientifiques) 1991 - Un espace Sahélien , la Mare d'Oursi. Burkina Faso. Orstom Editions Paris. 241 p. +2 cartes 2. Kergreis A., Claude J. (Coordonateurs et éditeurs) 1991 - Utilisation rationnelle de l'eau des petits bassins versants en zone aride. Journées scientifiques du Réseau Génie Para-sécheresse. Actualité scientifique des Universités francophones. John Libbey Eurotext, Paris. 3. Interim Secretariat of the CCD & W.M.O (Claude J. Editor) - 1996 - Water Resource Managment and Desertification. Problems and challenges. Prepared by IPED and W.M.O. 312 p., W.M.O secretariat, Geneva. 4. Bricquet J.P., Claude J. - 1998 - Latest Developments in the Design of Hydrological Studies of Watersheds. Pp. 175-192 in Soils Erosion at Multiple Scales edited by Penning de Vries F.W.T., Agus F., Kerr J. - IBSRAM and CABI Publishing, New York, Wallingford, Bangkok 5. Albergel J. , Claude J., Habaieb H. - 2000- L'eau en Méditerranée: un défi à g
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 11:17:00

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