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Expert NameDr, Ing, Gerard Begni
TitleSenior Expert
DivisionEnvironment & Sustainable Development
CityToulouse Cedex 9
Telephone33 5 61 27 31 82 / 6 80 90 40 89
EmailGerard.begni(at) / begnimedias(at)
Work ExperienceManager in charge of developing the national (France) Earth Observation from space programmes (including multilateral cooperation, mainly within the European framework). Deputy Director of a consulting company developing experimental and operational systems for such themes as desertification, agricultural resources forecast, forest monitoring, water management, most often in support of international structures as the European Commission (inside and outside EU), OSS, national Ministries in Europe & abroad Director of a research support group in charge of global change and its impacts in the Mediterranean, Subtropical Africa and central Asia. Coordination of international research projects.. Includes writing large or dedicated scientific syntheses, leading in situ scientific experiments, data collection, science/policy dialogue, training and outreach activities,
QualificationsEcole Polytechnique (1971)); Mathematics & Physics – National Aeronautics and Space School (1973): Physics and technology applied to aeronautics & space.
Number of Publications38
Awards1. Associated Member, IGBP Committee, Academy of Sciences of Russia, Siberian Branch 2. Honorary Member, Research Association about Climate and Environmnent, Algeria
Other Activities1. Member, Interacademic Group for Development 2 Member, DesertNet International Steering Committee & Chairman, Science/Policy Interface 3. Member, French Scientific Committee about Desertification 4 Secretary, French National Committee about Global Change 5 National Representative, EARSeL (European Association of Remote sensing Laboratories)
PublicationsG.BEGNI, J.M.MORENO, 2002 - RICAMARE: defining a regional research agenda on the major global change impacts in the whole Mediterranean basin and leading it with a consolidated scientific community, Proceedings of the joint ISPRS Commission VI workshop, Developments and technology Transfer in Geomatics for Environmental and Resource management, March 25-28, 2002 –ISPRS archives, vol. XXXIV, part 6/WG6, Commission VI, pp. 25-31. 2. BEGNI, G., H. MAKHMARA (MEDIAS-France, France), S. NIKULINA (UNDP, Uzbekistan), E. ZAKARIN (SRI, Kazakhstan), E. GORDOV (SCERT/IAO, Tomsk, Russia), 2004. Distributed databases for environmental information. Planned applications to Central Asia issues. Proceedings of CITES 2003 International Conference and Young Scientists Conference, Tomsk, Russia, Sept. 2003 , in: Computational Technologies Journal (Russian journal, ISSN 1560-7534), (2004, 9/1), 22-44. 3. BEGNI, G, ESCADAFAL, R., FONTANNAZ, D., NGUYEN, A.T (2005) - Remote Sensing : a tool to monitor and assess desertification, Dossiers thématiques du CSFD n°2, 48p 4. BEGNI G., RENAUT D., TOURRE Y.M., (2008). PARASOL and CALIPSO: When France and Europe take the A-Train. EARSeL Newsletter N° 73, (38-40), March 2008. 5 GORDOV, E.P., BEGNI, G. (2008) - Report to the Russian National Committee for IGBP (Russian Academy of Sciences). Open meeting of Russian Committee for IGBP at the ENVIROMIS-2008 Conference: Development of Siberia Integrated Regional Study (SIRS) – Published online:
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated31/10/2014 18:37:00

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