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Expert NameMr. Aboubakry Sarr
DivisionEquip EVA, Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique, Evolution (ESE), Université de Paris-Sud, CNRS/Paris Tech
Telephone33 1 69 15 53 12
Work ExperienceTeaching Fields : Fundamental genetic. Population Genetic, including Molecular Evolution topics. Quantitative Genetics and biometry ; Botany and Plant Physiology ; Genetic Resources and Conservation Biology. Research: Co-Director of Evolution and Systematic lab within the department of Ecology (University Paris XI) Leader of a research group working on processes involved on the evolution of crop plants. Domestication process is taken a general model.
QualificationsDoctotat d'Etat ès sciences (1987) (highest degree in french Education system) with highest honours and jury congratulations (University Paris XI)
Number of Publications5
Awards1.Doctorate theses supervision 2.Scientific and advisory committees membership
Other Activities
Publications1. A. SARR, M. SANDMEIER and J. PERNES (1988), Gametophytic competition in pearl millet . Genome 30: 924-929. 2. SARR.A et al (1992), Domestication as general model for Genetic Resources enhancement in: Complexes d'espèces, Flux de Gènes et Ressources Génétiques (BRG.ED). 3. LAMY.F, ANDRE.S, ROBERT.T&A.SARR (1994), Use of isozymes and RFLP markers to assess genetic diversity in introgression procedures between Adapted and non Adapted maize populations (Zea mays). Hereditas120:346*354. 4. V.PONCET,F.LAMY,J.ENJALBERT,H.JOLY,A.SARR,T.ROBERT(1998) Genetic analysis of the domestication syndrome in pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum L.):inheritance of the major characters.Heredity(81):648-658. 5. V PONCET, S ALLOUIS, KM DEVOS, F LAMY, A SARR, T ROBERT. (2001). Comparative analysis of QTLs affecting domestication traits among two domesticated x wild pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum L., Poaceae) crosses and cereals. Theoretical and Applied (in press).
DisciplinePlant Science
Last updated02/09/2014 18:45:00

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