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Expert NameDr. James Charles Aronson
CityMontpellier Cedex
Telephone33 14 67613311
Work ExperienceExperimental introduction of multiurpose plants to various arid and semiarid regions, in context of sustainable development, agroforestry and/or restoration and rehabilitation ecology projects ; long-term collaborations in Chile and Israel. Repeated short-term contacts in drylands of Africa. Ongoing research in 1) applied ecology and management of nitrogen-fixing legumes, in desert, steppe, savanna, and mediterranean-type climate regions; 2) theoretical and applied restoration ecology. Thematic areas: _Land restoration/reclamation
QualificationsPhD, Plant ecology. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1990.
Number of Publications32
AwardsEditorial board member, Restoration Ecology, published by Blackwell Press.
Other ActivitiesFrequent consultancies on development and rehabilitation projects around the world. Ex. participated in FAO and UNDP sponsored team helping national forestry and agriculture ministries formulate a National Forestry Action Plan for the dry forests of the Dominican Republic; 1987. Frequent participation in international meetings, workshops, etc.; member of Society for Ecological Restoration (USA), INTECOL, inter alia.
Publications1. Van Andel, J. & J. Aronson, Eds. 2012. Restoration Ecology: The New Frontier. 2nd Edition Blackwell, Oxford, UK.2. 2. Clewell, A. F. & J. Aronson 2013. Ecological Restoration: Principles, Values, and Structure of an Emerging Profession. 2nd Edition. Island Press, Washington, D.C. 3. Blondel, J., J. Aronson, J.-Y. Bodiou & G. Bœuf 2010. The Mediterranean Basin - biological diversity in space and time. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. 4. Aronson, J., S.J. Milton & J. Blignaut, Eds. 2007. Restoring Natural Capital: Science, Business and Practice. Island Press, Washington, DC. 5. Le Floc’h, E. & J. Aronson 2013. Les Arbres des Déserts. Enjeux et promesses. Actes Sud, Arles, France.
DisciplineEnvironmental Sciences
Last updated27/08/2014 16:16:00

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