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Expert NameDr. Bernard Lacaze
Titleingénieur de recherche CNRS
CityLyon Cedex
Telephone33 4 67613263/ 787875 44
Work Experience- DeMon: An integrated approach to Mediterranean land degradation mapping and monitoring by remote sensing (coordinator B. LACAZE): contract CEC DG XII Programme Environment n°EV%V-0035, 1992-1995. - Demon2: An integrated approach to assess and monitor desertification processes in the mediterranean basin (coordinator J. Hill): contact CEC DG XII Environment & Climate Programme n°ENVA-CT95-0166, 1996-1998. - MODEM-RSM: Remote Sensing based analysis of regional and local dynamics linked with water balance and carbon assimilation modelling: Contract N°14545-1998-11 F 1 EDA ISP FR, CEC DG Research and JRC/SAI/EGEO, 1999-2000. Experience in field spectral measurements and Leaf Area index measaurements.
QualificationsPhD (docteur-ingénieur), Vegetation mapping from remote sensing data, Monpellier, 1975
Number of Publications58
AwardsInvited as "Visiting Scientist" at European Communities Joint Research Center, Institute for Space Applications, Environmental Mapping and Modelling Unit (1995-1996).
Other Activities1. American Society of photogrammetry and Remote sensing 2. Réseau télédétection de l'AUPELF/UREF
Publications1. Ait-Bachir, S., E.G. Pelegrin and B. Lacaze (2000): Application of remote sensing to the study of oak decline in Aragon, Spain. In: Remote Sensing in the 1st century-Economic and Environmental Applications (Ed. J.L. Casanova), A.A. Balkema Publ., Rotterdam/Brookfield, 99-102. 2. Khreim, J.F. and B. Lacaze (1997): Land cover change detection in a Mediterranean area (Maritime Syria) from remotely sensed data. In: Geoscience and Water Resources: Environmental Data Modeling (Eds. C. Bardinet and J.-J. Royers), Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelber, 197-214. 3. Lacaze, B. et F. Tabarant (1998): Estimation de l'indice foliaire des formations végétales méditerranéennes par mesures au sol et par tlédétection. Photo-Interprétation, 1998-1, 9-19 + planche hors texte, p.67. Lacaze, B., F. Tabarant and S. Rambal (1996): Adaptation and local validation in a Mediterranean environment of a process-level ecosystem model driven by remotely sensed inputs. In: Remote Sensing 96 - Integrated Applicati
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated12/01/2007 16:08:00

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