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Expert NameMr. Laurent Auclair
TitleChargé de Recherche
InstitutionInstitut de recherche pour le Développement)
Telephone33 491 10 63 61 / 475906042
Work ExperienceI worked for five years in Tunisia (1993-1998) on a pluridisciplinary research program (DYPEN: Dynamique des populations et environnement). The central object was the relationships between population (demographical factors) and environment (ecological factors) in rural areas of Tunisia. In this Framework, my personal research dealt with methodogical approaches of population - environment object, Natural resource management, particulary property rights in forest areas.
QualificationsDoctor in rural economy: "Fuelwood and rural societies in Morroco" Ecole Nationale Nationale Agronomique de Montpellier (France), 1991.
Number of Publications15
Other Activities- IASCP (International Association for the Study of Common Property) - AIFM (Association Internationale "Forêts Méditerranéennes")
Publications1.Auclair L., Ben Cheikh K., Laajili-Ghezal L., Pontanier R. Usages des ressources sylvopastorales et systèmes de production dans le Haut Tell tunisien. In Agricultural research and development at the crossroads : merging systems research and social actor approaches. , A. Budelman (dir.), Royal Tropical Institute the Netherlands, Amsterdam, 1996, pp 55 - 68. 2.Auclair L., Laajili Ghezal L., Pontanier R. Population - Environment relationships in the Tunisia High Tell. In Population and environment in arid regions, John CLARCK and Daniel NOIN (dir.), UNESCO / PARTHENON PUBLISHING GROUP (ED.), MAN AND BIOSPHERE SERIES, VOL 19, SECT. II, 1997, pp 133 - 148. 3.Auclair L. Les ressources sylvopastorales au Maghreb : structure segmentaire et appropriation communautaire. In Sociétés rurales et environnement. G. Rossi, Ph. Lavigne Delville et D. Narbeburu (dir.), Kharthala – Regards – Gret (ed.), Paris, 1998, pp. 123 – 140. 4. Auclair L. De part et d'autre de la Méditerranée, la forêt. Autrep
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated31/10/2014 18:43:00

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