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Expert NameDr. David Harris
TitleSenior Research Fellow, Centre for Arid Zone Studies and Deputy Manager, DFID Plant Sciences Research Programme
CityBangor, Gwynedd
Telephone44 1248 382346
Work ExperienceResearch Fellow (1981-87) on project on intercropping tropical crops in India (University of Nottingham, UK). Agronomist (1987-92) on SADC/ODA Land and Water Management Project, (Botswana). Agronomist (1992-95) for Windward Islands Banana Producers Association (St. Lucia). Senior Research Fellow (1995-present) CAZS, University of Wales, Bangor (UK) and Deputy Manager, DFID Plant Sciences Research Programme. Principal Investigator (1995-present) on research projects in India, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Kenya, Mozambique. All projects were developing and evaluating technologies in farmers’ fields using participatory approaches that were fully gender-sensitive. Consultant for rural development projects in Malawi, Namibia, India, Pakistan.
Qualifications1982 PhD (East Anglia) 1976 BSc Biological Sciences (East Anglia)
Number of Publications100
Other Activities1. Member of Technical Advisory Committee of CERAAS, Senegal (2001-2004). 2. Member of CAZS Board of Management (2001-present) 3. Chairman, Scientific Committee of Kalahari Conservation Society, Botswana (1989-92).
Publications1. Rashid, A., Harris, D., Hollington, P.A. & Rafiq, M. (2004). Improving the yield of mungbean (Vigna radiata) in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan using on-farm seed priming. Experimental Agriculture 40 (2): 233-244. 2. Rashid, A., Harris, D., Hollington, P.A. & Ali, S. (2004). On-farm seed priming reduces yield losses of mungbean (Vigna radiata) associated with mungbean yellow mosaic virus in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Crop Protection 23: 1119-1124. 3. Rashid, A., Harris, D., Hollington, P.A. and Khattak, R.A. (2002). On-farm seed priming: a key technology for improving the livelihoods of resource-poor farmers on saline lands. Pp 423-431 in: R. Ahmad and K.A. Malik (eds.) ‘Prospects for Saline Agriculture’. Kluwer Academic Publishers. The Netherlands. 4. Harris, D., Pathan, A. K., Gothkar, P., Joshi, A., Chivasa, W. and Nyamudeza, P. (2001). On-farm seed priming: using participatory methods to revive and refine a key technology. Agricultural Systems 69 (1-2): 151-164. 5. Harris, D., Raghuwanshi, B.S., Gangwar, J.S., Singh, S.C., Joshi, K.D., Rashid, A. and Hollington, P.A. (2001). Participatory evaluation by farmers of ‘on-farm’ seed priming in wheat in India, Nepal and Pakistan. Experimental Agriculture 37 (3): 403-415.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated15/01/2007 16:42:00

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