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Expert NameDr. Philip Hollington
TitleResearch Fellow
DivisionCentre for Arid Zone Studies
CityBangor, Gwynedd
Telephone44 1248 382346
Work ExperienceOver 25 years’ designing and managing field trials in grasslands and cereals, in UK and overseas, including on-farm and farmer-participatory experimentation in crop improvement and agronomy. Devising and validating new techniques for variety testing in highly heterogeneous saline soils. Fifteen years’ experience of salinity in irrigated areas of India and Pakistan, and in-depth knowledge of “Saline agriculture” and biological reclamation. Detailed knowledge of the agricultural sector in universities, provincial and federal government in Pakistan. Three years’ experience in seed production techniques for forage legumes, and ten years in grassland research in both lowland and upland regions of the UK and overseas. Used to working as a member of a multi-disciplinary team, co-ordinating international projects and teaching diverse groups.
Qualifications1984 PhD 'The nitrogen economy of a grass/legume sward on a lowland and an upland site'. (Aberystwyth) 1977 BSc (Hons) II.1 Agriculture. (Aberystwyth)
Number of Publications48
Awards1. Frequent reviewer for Plant and Soil, Experimental Agriculture and Journal of Agricultural Science, UK.
Other Activities1. Member of the Editorial Board of the Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities. 2. Member of the European Society for Agronomy. 3.Member of the Tropical Agriculture Association, UK. 4. Member of the British Grassland Society.
Publications1. Quarrie, S.A., Steed, A., Calestani, C., Semikhodskii, A., Lebreton, C., Chinoy, C., Steele, N., Pljevljakusic, D., Waterman, E., Weyen, J., Schondelmaier, J., Habash, D.Z., Farmer, P., Saker, L., Clarkson, D.T., Abugalieva, A., Yessimbekova, M., Turuspekov, Y., Abugalieva, S., Tuberosa, R., Sanguineti, M.-C., Hollington, P.A., Aragüés, R., Royo, A., and Dodig, D. (2005) A high density genetic map of hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) from the cross Chinese Spring x SQ1 and its use to compare QTLs for grain yield across a range of environments. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 110: 865 - 880 2. Hollington, P.A., Hussain, Z., Kahlown, M.A. and Abdullah, M. (2004). Success stories in saline agriculture in Pakistan: from research to production and development. In: Taha, F.K., Ismail, S. and Jaradat, A. (Eds) "Prospects of Saline Agriculture in the Arabian Peninsular." Proc. Int. Symp. on Prospects of Saline Agriculture in the GCC Countries. Biosaline Agriculture Centre, Dubai, UAE, 19-21 March 2001. Amherst Scientific Publishers, Massachusetts, USA, pp 491-506. ISBN 1-884940-32-3.. 3. Rashid, A., Harris, D., Hollington, P.A. and Rafiq, M. (2003). Improving the yield of mungbean (Vigna radiata) in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan using on-farm seed priming. Experimental Agriculture 40: 233-244. 4. Hollington, P.A., Akhtar, J., Aragüés, A., Hussain, Z., Mahar, A.R., Quarrie, S.A., Qureshi, R.H., Royo, A. and Saqib, M. (2002). Recent advances in the development of salinity and waterlogging tolerant wheats. In: R. Ahmad and K.A. Malik (eds) Prospects for Saline Agriculture. Proc. International Seminar, Islamabad, Pakistan, April 10 – 12, 2000. Pp 83-99. Kluwer, Netherlands. 5. Harris, D., Raghuwanshi, B.S., Gangwar, J.S., Singh, S.C., Joshi, K.D., Rashid, A. and Hollington, P.A. (2001). Participatory evaluation by farmers of 'on-farm' seed priming in wheat in India, Nepal and Pakistan. Experimental Agriculture 37: 403-415.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated15/01/2007 16:42:00

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