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Expert NameDr. Shaun Russel
TitleDeputy Director (Training)
DivisionCentre for Arid Zone Studies
CityBangor, Gwynedd
Telephone44 1248 382346
Work ExperienceDr Shaun Russell is an environment and development specialist who has worked at higher education institutuions in South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania. In the UK he has worked for the British Antarctic Survey, the University of Kent at Canterbury and the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and has for twelve years been an Environment Adviser with the British Council. Dr Russell’s main field experience is in natural resources and biodiversity survey work in Africa, sustainable tourism planning in South America, and environmental impact assessment throughout the world. His principle area of expertise is in environment and development training, and he has planned, delivered and evaluated environmental training projects on six continents over a period of 30 years. “Affirmative action” and gender balance has been a prime consideration in all these activities.
Qualifications1994 PhD Ecology, Rhodes University (South Africa) 1974 MSc Plant Taxonomy, University of Reading 1973 BSc Botany and Geology, University of London
Number of Publications43
Awards1. Executive Patron, VASS Medical Foundation (action against Malaria in West Africa) 2. Environment Adviser, Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum
Other Activities1. Botanical Society of the British Isles 2. British Bryological Society 3. South African Institute of Ecologists 4. South African Association of Botanists 5. Council for the Protection of Rural Wales
Publications1. Ghosh, S., Russell, S. & Falzon, C. 2005. Sustainable tourism in ecologically sensitive habitats – some lessons from practices in national parks of India and the United Kingdom. PRITHVI 2005 – Thirurananthapuram, India. 2. Falzon, C & Russell, S. 2004. Sustainable tourism development in the Cape Horn region of southern Chile. Eurochile, Santiago. 3. Russell, S. 2003. Biodiversity Conservation Training - Pacific Island States. Darwin Initiative, London and Edinburgh. 4. Morvaridi, B & Russell, S. (eds) 1999. Training Manual for Environmental Impact Assessment. College of African Wildlife management, Mweka, Tanzania. 5. Russell, S. 1999. Aid for environment: the greening of development priorities. Pp 261-276 in: Walkey, M., Swingland, IR. and Russell, S. (eds), Integrated Protected Area Management. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated15/01/2007 16:42:00

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