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Expert NameMr. Paul Smith
TitleDeputy Director (Consultancy) and Research Fellow
DivisionCentre for Arid Zone Studies
CityBangor, Gwynedd
Telephone44 1248 382346
Work ExperienceI have a background in applied soil physics which included setting up a soil physics laboratory for the Soil Survey of England and Wales and investigating soil physics problems on an irrigation project in Iran. I later lived in East Africa for 11 years working on various aspects of soil and water management (8 years with NGOs and 3 years with the World Bank) as well as having management positions in the NGOs. For the last 18 years I have taught husbandry and crop water management and soil physics at postgraduate level. I also teach an undergraduate distance learning module in the use of computers in development. I undertake consultancy work in land husbandry, watershed management, spate irrigation and curriculum development. I have also undertaken assignments in food security, agricultural information and seed marketing.
Qualifications1976 Diploma in Agricultural Engineering (Silsoe) 1973 MPhil Soil Science (Nottingham) 1968 BSc Physics (Newcastle)
Number of Publications10
Other Activities1. Member of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers 2. Member of the European Institute of Agricultural Engineers 3. Tropical Agriculture Association 4. World Association of Soil and Water Conservation 5. Member of the Learning and Teaching Support Network for Bioscience
Publications1. Participatory soil and water conservation in India - experiences from the KRIBHCO Indo-British Rainfed Farming Project. 2001. pp.191-197. In: D.E. Stott, R.H. Mohtar, and G.C. Steinhardt (eds). Sustaining the Global Farm – Selected papers from the 10th International Soil Conservation Organization Meeting, May 24-29, 1999, West Lafayette, IN. International Soil Conservation Organization in cooperation with the USDA and Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. 2. The Indian Cultivar Database. 1999. Quarterly Bulletin of the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists 44 (1/2), March, 1999, pp 32-36. Wallingford, UK: International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists. 3. The use of subsidies for soil and water conservation: a case study from western India. 1998. Agricultural Research and Extension Network Paper 87. London: Overseas Development Institute. July 1998. ISBN 0 85003 393 4. 4. Soil and Water Conservation. 1993. Chapter 6 in: "Dryland Agriculture in Africa", (Ed. J. Rowlands). London: Macmillan’s. 5. A Review of Agricultural Research and Development in Zanzibar. Centre for Arid Zone Studies, University College of North Wales (1992), 3 volumes. (ed.)
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated15/01/2007 16:43:00

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