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Expert NameMs. Nana Bolashvili
TitleChief Scientist
DivisionGeorgian Academy of Science
Telephone995 32 33 01 65
Work Experience2000, International Course of Agrometeorology, participant, China 1998, International Course of Agrometeorology, participant, Israel 1989 - to present - Vakhushti Bagrationi State Institute of Geogrpahy at Georgian Academy of Sciences - Chief Scientist 1996, Georgian Academy of Sciences Grant for "Traceca Sustainable Operation Factors: Geographical Analysis and Forecast" Project, Executive. 1997 - 2000 Georgian Academy of Sciences Grants for GIS Basis and Hydrometeorological, Database Setup for Different Regions of Georgia (Adjara, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, etc.) Executive. 2000-2001 - Land Cadastre of Georgia (Gardabani Region), Executive
QualificationsCandidate of Geographical Sciences Degree ; 1992-96 Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi, Georgia: Postgraduate Studies in Hydrology, Water Resources and Hydrochemistry Diploma with honor, Engineer-Hydrologist; 1984-89 Tbilisi Ivane Javkhishvili State University, Tbilisi, Georgia Diploma with honor, Specialist of the English Language: English Philogoy: Tbilisi Iiia Chavchavadze State Institute of Foreign Languages, Tbilisi, Georgia
Number of Publications20
AwardsWinner of president's scolarship
Other ActivitiesMember of the Board of Georgian Scientist- Experts of Combat Desertification. Member of Geographic Society of Georgia. Member of the Board of NGO- Association" Geoimage"
PublicationsBolashvili N, Bailashvili Ts, Mamsakhlisi J., 2001, "Calculation and Forecasting of Maximum Discharge on the Tshenistskali River", Erosion-Debris Flows Phenomena and Some Adjacent Problems, Transactions of International Conference, 25-29 pp., Georgian Academy of Science, Institute of Water Managment and Ecology, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2001 2. Bolashvili N, Basilashvili Ts, Mamasakhlisi J., 2001, "Prognosing of Maximal Peak of the High Water Flows for Prevention the Loss Caused by Dangerous Events", I International Conference on Ecology and Environmental Managment in Caucasus, 156-160 pp., Tbilisi, Georgia. 3. Bolashivili N., 2002, "Flood Forecast in Mountainous River Basins on the Theory of Recognition Images", International Seminar on Mountains, 99 p., Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Katmandu, Nepal. 4. Bolashvili N, Basilashvili Ts, Mamsakhlisi J., 2002, "Prognosing high-floods for securing stability of reservoirs of georgia", Problems of Sustainable Development of the M
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