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Expert NameMr. Kukuri Tavartkiladze
TitleHead of Laboratory
DivisionGe Vakushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography
InstitutionGeorgian Academy of Science
Telephone995 32 33 58 16
Work Experience
QualificationsDoctor in Physics and Mathemetics. Prof.
Number of Publications128
Other Activities
Publications-“Modeling the Aerosol Attenuation of Radiation and Atmospheric Pollution Control Methods.” Tbilisi, 1989 -“Increase in Atmospheric Dustiness over the USSR, “ 1970 -“On statistical characteristics dependence of the Atmospheric Aerosols Optical Thickness upon Wave Length.” 1976 -“Modeling of Aerosol Attenuation of Radiation with Account of Atmospheric Humidity, 1989 -“On the Accumulation of Aerosols in the Atmosphere,” 1996
Last updated27/07/2011 15:10:00

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