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Expert NameMr. Tamaz Tourmanidze
TitleDeputy Director of department
DivisionState Department of Hydrometeorology of Georgia
InstitutionState Hydrometeorological Department of Georgia
Telephone995 32 955-321
Work Experience
QualificationsDoctor of Geography, Professor of Ecologie
Number of Publications97
Other Activities
Publications-“Agroclimatic resources of Georgia” pp 342, publishing house “Hydrometizidat”, Leningrad, 1987 -“Climate and grape yeld.” , publishing house “Hydrometizidat”, Leningrad, 1981 -“Guideline for the integrated management of mountain ecosystems” v.p., 1992 -“Agroecological Monitoring of soil Fertility.” Proceedings of “References of modern information and communication system in agriculture vol. B., Bonn Germany, 1999 -“Estimation of organic Agriculture vulnerability to climate change.” Proceeding of 14 the IFOAM organic world congress, COG, Canada, 2002
Last updated27/07/2011 15:11:00

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