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Expert NameMr. Thomas Ofoe Ocloo
TitleScientific Officer
DivisionAnimal Research Institute
Institutionno institution
Telephone233 21 401 846
Work Experience- On farm and on station adaptive research on cowpeas, soybeans, cereals and sunflower/soil and water conservation work with the Crop Services Department, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Bolgatanga, in the desertification - prone Upper East Region of Ghana whilst a National Service Personnel. - Research into soil fertility and water management through examination of the physic-chemical properties of soil under pasture; the incorporation and use of organic manure, crop residues, mulch, nutrient recycling, compost, nitrogen fixing leguminous tree species to improve soil structural stability to check soil erosion on farm lands. - Integration of pasture legumes and grasses into the crop livestock system (on farm) in Ghana - Currently, conducting a NARP sponsored project involving the recycling of municipal solid waste to compost and the use of the compost as a low external input organic fertilizer for sustainable agriculture involving cereals, vegetables and pasture crops.
Qualifications- B.Sc., Agriculture (Hons) Soil Science, University of Ghana, Legon, 1990 - M.Sc., Soil Science, Soil Fertility & Ecopedology, ITC, University of Ghent, Belgium, 1996
Number of Publications8
Other Activities1. Member, Soil Science Society of Ghana 2. Member, Ghana Science Association 3. Humanitarian/Human Rights Concerns 4. Environmental Conservation Awareness Creation and Promotion 5. Tree Planting
Publications1. Adu, J.K., Ocloo, T.O., Karbo, N., & Alhassan, W.S., 1994: Integrating pasture legumes into cropping systems for sustainable agriculture in the moist savanna zone in Ghana. Presented at IITA/FAO Workshop on Sustainable Cropping Systems for the Moist Savanna Zones of sub-Saharan Africa, Cotonou, Benin, 19-23 Sept. 1994; 2. Ocloo, T.O., 1995: The role of soil microbial activity in the supply of minerals for pants. Presented for seminar at the International Training Centre for Post-Graduate Soil Scientists (ITC), University of Ghent, Belgium; 3. Ocloo, T.O. 1996: Recovery products of the municipal solid waste DRANCO process. M.Sc. Thesis submitted to the International Training Centre for Post-Graduate Soil Scientists (ITC), University of Ghent, Belgium; 4. Ocloo, T.O, 1997: Optimizing crop yield by irrigation - some essential considerations. Presented at the 15th Annual General Meeting of the Soil Society of Ghana on the theme ' Proper Soil & Water Management - A must for a sound e
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated03/11/2014 18:56:00

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