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Expert NameMr. Peter Mahama Danlogo Abugah
TitleHead of Section
DivisionAgro-Environment Section
InstitutionIrrigation Development Authority
Work Experience- From 1988, I have experience working with VSO, JICA Experts, JOVC, Nippon Koei Co. Ltd., and local experts in environmental management issues, survey of environmental issues of 22 irrigation projects in the country, degraded mining areas of Akwatia and the surrounding areas; - 1989 UNDP sponsored Afforestation project to combat desertification was launched in ICOUR. Navrongo. I worked as an agronomist in raising seedlings and transplanting them in the catchment areas of Vea and Tono projects in the Upper East Region. The species involved were Leuceana spp. Cassia spp, Acacia spp, Eucalyptus spp Tectona grandis. etc and fruit trees including mango, pawpaw and guava; - From 1990 as the head of Agro-environment section of Irrigation Development Centre (IDC) I carried out research in 16 topics of afforestation of watershed areas and land degradation, most of them are reported in IDC annual reports. - I became a project leader of National Agriculture Research Programme (NARP) in agro-f
Qualifications- M.Sc., Irrigation/Agronomy, Kuban Agriculture Institute, Krasnodar, USSR, 1982-88 - Technician Certificate, Medical Parasitology, Korle-Bu, Accra, Ghana, 1978/81 - Certificate of Forestry, Silviculture, Forest Experimental Station, Koriyama, Japan, 1993-94
Number of Publications16
Other Activities1. Member of Farmers Co-operative Association 2. Member of Green Clud of Ashaiman mobisquat 3. I attended seminars and conferences of environmental issues at Environmental Protection Agency, Agro-forestry Unit of Ministry of Agriculture, Wetland International and Forestry Research Institute of Ghana. In these seminars, we discussed weed control, agro-chemicals, deforestation, land degradation, desertification, wildlife and pollution etc.
Publications1. Abugah, P., and Shozaki, A., 1993: Tree seed treatment, germination and selection for fuelwood production, IDC Annual Report; 2. Abugah, P., and Shozaki, A., 1993: Effects of windbreaks on crop production system under irrigation. IDC Annual Report; 3. Abugah, P., and Addo, D., 1994: Effects of soil conservation on crop yield on sloping land-alley cropping. IDC Annual Report; 4. Abugah, P., and Mizuguchi, M., 1995: Study on land degradation problems and solutions in reservoirs of irrigation projects watershed areas. Report Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.; 5. Abugah, P., and Cobinna, J., 1996: Agroecosystem approach to soil and crop management research. IDC Annual Report.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated03/11/2014 19:16:00

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