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Expert NameMr. Constantinos Kosmas
TitleAssociate Professor
DivisionLaboratory of Soils and Agricultural Chemistry
InstitutionAgricultural University of Athens
Telephone30 1 529 40 97
Work ExperienceHe has over 22 yres experience in land resources and the environment mainly in agricultural ecosystems. He has participated as research leader or project coordinator in 19 educational and research EU and Greek projects, such as MEDALUS I, MEDALUS II, MEDALUS III, CORINE, Nitrates in Soils, TERON, WASTES, ECRASE, HYPERS, PESERA, DESERTLINKS, COST 623 related to soil erosion, Land evaluation, land degradation, desertification and environmental protection.
QualificationsM.Sc., Agronomist, Agricultural University of Athens, 1977 Ph.D., Soil Science, Purdue University, 1984
Number of Publications75
Other ActivitiesMember of the Greek national committee for combating Desertification 2. Coordiantor of the post gradduate program "Management of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering", Agricultural University of Athens
Publications1. Kosmas, C., Danalatos, N., and Mizara, A., 1998: Land Degradation in the Mediterranean Environments: nature and Extent, Causes and Solutions, contributions in chapters 5, 12 - 24. Edited by A. Coacher and M. Sala, J. Wiley & Sons, Chichester 491 p.; 2. Kosmas, C.S., Danalatos, N.G., 1998: Definition and mapping of desertification units in Mediterranean areas under rainfed cereals. In: J. Boardman and D. Favis-Mortlock (Des). Modelling Soil Erosion by Water. NATO-ASI series, Springer-Verlag 491-502 pp.; 3. Kosmas, C.S., Danalatos, N.G., Poesen, J., and van Wesemael B., 1998: The effect of water vapour absorption on soil moisture content under Mediterranean climatic conditions. Agricultural Water management J. 36: 157-168; 4. Kosmas, C.S., Danalatos, N.G., Mizara, A., Cammeraat, L.H., Chabert, M., Diamantopoulos, J., Farand, R., Gutierrez, L., Jacob, A., Marques, H., Martinez-Fernandez, J., Moustakas, N., Nicolau, J.M., Oliveros, C., Pinna, G., Puddu, R., Puigdefabregas, J., Roxo,
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated09/05/2007 11:35:00

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