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Expert NameMr. Nicholas Yassoglou
Institutionno institution
Telephone30 1 804 17 93
Work Experience1. Coordinator of soil survey in Greece 2. Scientific Coordinator of many competitive research projects in the field of land resources 3. Chairman of organizing committees of international conferences on Desertification and Environment 4. Representative of Greece in the Committee for Environment of the European Commission 5. Scientific adviser at the Greek national Agricultural Research Foundation 6. Chairman of the Biology and Agriculture Section of the National Research Committee of Greece 7. Chairman of the Balkan Drought Working Group
QualificationsM.Sc., Forestry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 1953 Ph.D., Agronomy Department, Michigan State University, 1959 Post Doctoral Training in Chemistry, University of Illinois, 1961-62
Number of Publications70
Awards1. Golden Cross for Scientific Contribution in Greece 2. Sigma Xi. Society
Other Activities- Member of the American Society of Agronomy - Member of the Soil and Water Conservation Society - Member of the Advisory Committee of the European Soil Bureau and Coordinator of the ad hoc working group for the erosion risk assessment in Europe - Member of the International Soil Science Society
Publications1. Yassoglou, N., 1995: Land and Desertification. In Fatechi. R., peter, D., Balabanis, P., (eds). Desertification in a European Context: Physical Socioeconomic aspects. European Commission, EUR 1541 EN p. 35-55; 2. Yassoglou, N, (in press): Land: Desertification, Vulnerability and Management in Mediterranean Landscapes, European Commission; 3. Yassoglou, N., Kosmas, C., and Moustakas, N., 1997: The red soils, their origin, properties, use and management in Greece. CATENA 28: 261-278; 4. Yassoglou, N., 1990: Desertification in Greece. I. Rubio. J.L. and Rickson, R.J., (eds) Agriculture. Strategies to combat desertification. European Commission EUR 11175 EN/ES, P. 148-152; 5. Yassoglou, N., 1986: The Production Potential of Soils: Part II - Sensitivity of the soil systems in Southern Europe to degrading influxes. In Barth, H., and L'Hermite, P. (eds) Scientific basis for the soil protection in the European Community. Elsevier Appl. Sci. London, p. 87-122
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 11:36:00

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