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Expert NameMr. Georgia Zerva-Kapetanaki
DivisionInstitute of Soil Classification and Mapping
InstitutionNational Agricultural Research Foundation
Telephone30 41 660 570/590
Work ExperienceParticipation in the following research projects: - VARINUTS - Spatial and temporal variation of soil nutrients stocks and management in sub-saharan African farming systems - Planning and development of an expert system for the management of sugarbeet crops - Impacts of climatic changes on agricultural production - Implementation of agrometeorological models in the Thessalian region
QualificationsFirst Degree, University of Athens, Department of Physics and Mathematics, 1976 D.E.A. Internal Geophysics, Grenoble University, France, 1977 Doctorat de 3eme cycle, Internal Geophysics and Environment, Grenoble University, France, 1979
Number of Publications5
AwardsCertificate acknowledging the participation in the Fulbright Program signed by the Chairman of J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board and the Director of United States Information Agency
Other Activities1. Invited person at the International Congress for the Environment and the Climate supported by UNESCO in Rome, Italy, March 1996 2. Member, Hellenic Society of Meteorological 3. Member, Hellenic Society of Soil Science 4. Member, of the Union of Researchers of N.AG.RE.F.
Publications1. Zerva-Kapetanaki, G., and Rosenzweig, C., 1996: Impact of climate change on maize yield in Central and Northern Greece: assimilation study with Ceres - maize. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change (in press); 2. Zerva-Kapetanaki, G., Alexiou, I., Argyropoulos, G., Georgiou, Th., 1995: Evapotranspiration for the future conditions in Central Greece, Proc. of the European Symposium: Water Resources Management under Drought or Water Shortage Conditions: Economic, Technical, Environmental and Social Issues, Nicosia Cyprus, 15-18 march, pp. 59-63; 3. Zerva-Kapetanaki, G., Argyropoulos, G., 1994: Statistical Agrometeorological Model to Forecast Annual Crop's Yield in Greece, Proc. of the EU/FAO Expert Consultation on Crop Yield Forecasting Methods, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, 24-27 October (in press); 4. Zerva-Kapetanaki, G., Georgiou, Th., Katsilouli, I., 1994: Climatic Change in Crete. Three General Circulation Models Predictions, Proc. of the 2nd Conference in Met
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 11:36:00

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