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Expert NameMr. Dimitrios Pateras
DivisionInstitute of Soil Mapping and Classification
InstitutionNational Agricultural Research Foundation
Telephone30 41 660 570/590
Work Experience1. Soil Survey in many regions of Central Greece for the Soil Map of Greece reports, since I am employed in the Institute of Soil Mapping and Classification; 2. Responsible for the Chemical Analysis of the wastewater in the project: Wastewater reclamation with natural systems and reuse for irrigation; 3. Participation in the Varinuts program: Spatial and temporal variation of soil nutrient stocks and management in Sub-Saharan African farming systems;
QualificationsFirst Degree, Agronomist, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, 1969-1975 M.Sc., Agricultural Science in Soil Science, University of Reading, England, 1976-1978 Ph.D., Soil Chemistry, University of Reading, England, 1976-1978
Number of Publications5
Other Activities- Member of the National Committee to Combat Desertification. Sub-Committee of Agriculture - Member of the European Topic Center on Soils. ETC/s
Publications1. Pateras, D., Yassoglou, N., Cosmas, C., and Kapetanaki, G., 1997: Desertification Factors. Topic Report European Environmental Agency - European Topic Center on Soils; 2. Pateras, D., 1990: Diffusion, cation exchange and hydrolysis during the reclamation of saline clay soils. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Reading, England; 3. Rowell, D., and Pateras, D., 1998: Diffusion, cation exchange and hydrolysis during the reclamation of saline structured soils. Proceedings of 16th World Congress of Soil Science, Montpellier; 4. Zerva-Kapetanaki, G., Alexiou, I., Pateras, D., and Agiropoulos, G., 1993: Contribution de Variables Climatiques sur la Prevision des Productions des Cereals d'hiver et du Mais. Publication de l'association International de Climatologie. Vol. 6, pp. 713-722; 5. Pateras, D., Makridis, Ch., Dioudis, P., Grypari, P., and Kokkolaki, N., 1996: Water quality of Surface and Ground Waters of the former lake Karla region. Proceedings of 2nd Panhellenic Congress. Ed: Geotechni
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 11:36:00

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