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Expert NameMr. Spyridon Kotsopoulos
DivisionInstitute of Soil Classification and Mapping
InstitutionNational Agricultural Research Foundation
Telephone30 41 660 570/590
Work ExperienceParticipation in the following research projects: - Four research projects related to irrigation, drainage and hydrologic modelling in Northern Greece supervised by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Laboratory of Hydrauilics and Soil Conservation - School of Agriculture) and financed by the Greek Ministry of Agriculture; - Natural systems for municipal wastewater treatment and reuse of the N.AG.RE.F./Institute of Soil Science - Thessaloniki supported by the Operational Programme for Research and Development (EPET II); - Water requirements of some annual crops of the N.AG.RE.F./Institute of Soil Classification and Mapping financed by the Ministry of Agriculture
QualificationsFirst Degree, Department of Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, 1984 Ph.D., Irrigation Engineering, Institute of Irrigation Studies, Southampton University, UK, 1989
Number of Publications5
AwardsThree year scholarship of the Greek State Scholarships' Foundation for the completion of the PhD studies in the I.I.S., Southampton University, UK.
Other Activities1. Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG); 2. Member of the Hellenic Hydrotechnical Association; 3. Member of the Hellenic Society of Soil Science 4. Member of the European Water Resources Association (EWRA)
Publications1. Kotsopoulos, S., and Babajimopoulos, C., 1997: Analytical estimation of modified Penman equation parameters, J. Irrig. and Drain. Engng., ASCE 123 (4): 253-256; 2. Kotsopoulos, S., and Svehlik, Z.J., 1995: Risk of failure in irrigation systems: its estimation, in Tsiourtis (ed.). Water Resources Management under Drought or Water Shortage Conditions, Proceedings of the EWRA 95 Symposium, Nicosia - Cyprus, 14-18 March 1995, 243-250; 3. Kotsopoulos, S., and Svehlik, Z.J., 1989: Analysis and synthesis of seasonality and variability of daily potential evapotranspiration, Water Resources management, 3: 259-269; 4. Kotsopoulos, S., 1995: Crop yield optimisation in relation to water distribution during the irrigation period, Hydrotechnika (J. of the Hellenic Hydrotechnical Association), Vol. 5: 3-16; 5. Kotsopoulos, S., 1997: Crop yield and water use efficiency under conditions of full or partial irrigation, Proc. Of the 7th national Conference of the Hellenic Hydrotechnical Association
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 11:36:00

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