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Expert NameMr. Nicholas Danalatos
DivisionDepartment of Agriculture
InstitutionUniversity of Thessaly
Telephone30 421 697 81
Work ExperienceParticipated in the following EU Projects in the period 1989-1998 (core role in the Greek partnership): - 1989-1991: Evaluation of Soil Resources of the Prespa Region. E.E.C. Project No. B6617-25-89; - 1991-1992: Mediterranean Desertification and land Use (MEDALUS). EEC-EPOCH, EC PL890092; - 1992-1995: Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use (MEDALUS II); - 1991-1995: Water and Solute Transport in European Soils (WASTES). EEC - STEP-CT-90-0032-C(DSCN); - The use of C4 perennials (Miscanthus) as basis material for the construction of buildings. EEC - Contract No: AIRI - CT92 - 0511; - 1993-1996: Improvement of Eucalyptus management. An integrated approach: Breeding, Silviculture, Economics. EEC - Contract No. AIR2-CT93-1678; - Development of a complete reference system for harvesting, collecting, storing and converting high yield crops for energy efficient and environmentally acceptable production of electricity. E.U. Project No. JOULE II-CT92-0118; - Models for the economic
QualificationsB.Sc., Agronomy, Land Reclamation, Agriculture, University of Athens, Greece, 1981 M.Sc., Soil Science, Water Management, Wageningen Agriculture University, The Netherlands, 1985 Ph.D., Land Evaluation, Quantitative (computerized) Land Use Systems Analysis, 1993
Number of Publications5
Awards1. Member of the Greek National Commission to Combat Desertification 2. Chairman in National and International Scientific Congresses and Symposia 3. Executive Committee (1/7) of the Graduate and Post-Graduate Studies of the University of Thessaly (Dept.
Other Activities1. Elected Member (1/5) of the Executive Board of the Greek Agricultural Engineers (HellAgEng) 2. Member of the European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng) 3. Member of the International Society of Soil Science (ISSS) 4. Member of the New York Academy of Sciences 5. Active Consultant of Greek Courts of Justice on matters of agricultural Concern 6. Member of the Greek Geo-technical Commission 7. Member of the Greek Society of Soil Science
Publications1. Danalatos, N.G., Kosmas, C.S., Moustakas, N.C., and Yassoglou, N., 1995: Rock fragments. Their impact on soil physical properties and biomass production under Mediterranean conditions. Soil Use and Management, 11: 121-126; 2. Danalatos, N.G., Dalianis, C., and Kyritsis, S., 1998: Influence of fertilization and irrigation on the growth and biomass productivity of Miscanthus sinensis x giganteus under Greek conditions. In: James & James (Eds.), Sustainable Agriculture and Biomass Production (in press); 3. Danalatos, N.G., Dalianis, C., Skylourakis, P., and Kyritsis, S., 1998: Growth and biomass productivity of eucalyptus species under Greek conditions. In: James & James (Eds.), Sustainable Agriculture and Biomass Production (in press); 4. Kosmas, C.S., Danalatos, N.G., and Mizara, A., 1998: Greece. In: Conacher, A.J. & M. Sala (Eds.), Land Degradation in Mediterranean Environments of the World: Nature, Causes and Solutions. John Wiley & Sons Ltd., p. 67-77; 5. Kosmas, C.S., and D
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated09/05/2007 11:36:00

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