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Expert NameMr. Andreas Angelakis
DivisionInstitute of Iraklio
InstitutionNational Foundation for Agricultural Research
Telephone30 81 245 851/873
Work Experience1. EU-INTEREG II.: Improvements of Viticulture in Crete, 1997-1999, budget 35 mil. Drachmas. 2. 93 AVI 076: Integrated Management of Reclamed Water Resources in the Mediterranean Region, 1994-1998, budget 60,000 Ecus. 3. EU-APAS: Desalination of Brackish Waters, 1994-1997, budget 20,000 Ecus. 4. EU-EIIET-II: Reclamation and Reuse Wastewater, 1995-1998, budget 3,147,000 Ecus. 5. EU-LEONARDO: Development of a Transitional Pilot project Supporting Vocational Training on Advanced Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technologies, 1997-1999, budget 30,000 Ecus. For N.AG. RE.F. 6,500 Ecus. 6. Ministry of Public Works. Mapping of Wastewater Treatment plants in Greece. 3 mil. Drachmas. 7. Various Funding from National Foundation for Agricultural Research (Dimitra), Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems, 1996-1998, budget 20 mil. Drachmas. 8. EU-INCO DC: Sustainability and Optimization of Treatment and Reuse of Wastewater in agriculture, budget 81,600 Ecus.
QualificationsB.Sc., Agriculture and B.Sc. in Civil Engineering M.Sc., Soil Sciences and M.Sc. in Engineering Ph.D., Soil Physics
Number of Publications5
Awards- FAO consultant - WHO collaborating scientist - Greek representative in Eureau - Vice Chair person of IAWQ (Reuse Group)
Other Activities1. The American Society of Civil Engineers 2. The Soil Science Society of America 3. The American Geophysical Union 4. The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage 5. The American Society of Agronomy 6. The Crop Science Society of America 7. The Inter. Assoc. on Water Quality (Water Reuse Group) 8. The Greek National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage 9. The Hellenic Hydrotechnical Society
Publications1. Angelakis, A.N., Asano, T.H., Diamadoppoulos, E., and Tchobanoglous G., (Eds.), 1996: Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse: Planning and Technologies. IAWQ (Water Sci. and Techn., Vol. 33(10-11), Pergamon Press, London, UK, pp. VIII, 516; 2. Chartzoulakis, C., and Angelakis, A.N., (Eds.), 1997: Irrigation of Horticultural Crops. Acta Horticultural, Vol. 1, pp. XI, 368; 3. Chartzoulakis, C., and Angelakis, A.N., (Eds.), 1997: Irrigation of Horticultural Crops. Acta Horticultural, Vol. 1, pp. X, 384; 4. Angelakis, A.N., Marecos do Monte, M.H., Bontoux, L., and Asano, T., 1998: The Status of Wastewater Reuse Practice in the Mediterranean Basin. Water Res. (in press); 5. Angelakis, A.N., Tsagarakis, K.P., and Mara, D.D., 1998: Evaluation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants in Greece. Technica Chronica (in press)
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 11:35:00

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