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Expert NameMs. Maria Claudia Dussi- Dehais
DivisionFacultad de Ciencias Agrarias -Universidad Nacional del
CityRio Negro-Patagonia
CountryArgentina and Italian
Telephone+54 299 4980005/204
Emailcatedra.ecologia.fca(at), sutu(at)
Work ExperienceDirection of working groups. Coordination of groups of different institutions and/or companies, realization of research plans and programs since 1994 with different participants that include graduate scholars, undergraduates, technicians, engineers, professors and growers. Some of the graduate students are doing their thesis work under my direction. The principal research subjects include sustainable production technologies in arid agroecosystems; light interception and utilization, management of plant bioregultors; organic fruit production. The projects include advisory and extension to growers, experimentation work with statistical design and data analysis, publications, presentations of results in seminars, conferences, courses and dissertations. Agreements with research groups of other countries.
QualificationsPhD: in course. Intensive productions in arid and semi-arid zones. University of Buenos Aires and University of Ben-Gurion, Israel. Master of Science. Major: Horticulture. Oregon State University. Oregon, USA. 1993. Agronomist Engineer. “Comahue” National University. Río Negro, Argentina.1987
Number of Publications70
Awards1. Fulbright - LASPAU scholarship. 1990-1993. 2. Award for best paper published in the Journal of the Southern African Society for Horticultural Sciences. 1995; and in the XXVII Argentinean Congress of Horticulture, San Luis, Argentina. 2004. 3. Invited professor by: the University of Maryland at College Park. Maryland, USA.(1998); by the University of the State of Washington, USA. (1996) and by the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, (1995). 4. Argentinean program of Categorization for Professors and Researchers: II (From I to IV)
Other Activities1. Member of the International Society for Horticultural Science. ISHS. 2. Member of the Professional Organization of Engineers (CPIA). Argentina 3. Member of the Academic Committee of the postgraduate Program in Temperate zone fruit tree physiology and culture. University of Bologna (ITALIA), Comahue National University (Argentina) and National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA, Argentina). 4. Member of the editorial advisory Board of the: International Journal of Horticultural Sciences (Hungary); Scientific Journal of the Department of Agricultural Science, Cuyo National University (Mendoza, Argentina); Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research. Spain 5. Jury of Professors in the University of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Comahue National University, Neuquén and University of Patagonia, San Juan Bosco, Chubut. Argentina.
Publications1. Dussi, M.C.; G. Giardina; P. Reeb; J. Gastiazoro. 2008. Thinning programs in pears cv. Williams. En: Webster A. and Oliveira C. (Ed.) Proc. 10th. International Pear Symposium. Acta Hort. 800:119-129. ISHS. 2. Dussi, M.C. 2007. Book chapter: INTERCEPCION Y DISTRIBUCIÓN LUMINICA EN AGRO-ECOSISTEMAS FRUTICOLAS. In: Árboles Frutales: Ecofisiología, Cultivo y 3. Aprovechamiento. Publisher: Facultad de Agronomía. Universidad de Buenos Aires. 805 p, ISBN 950-29-0974-7. Buenos Aires-Argentina. Dussi, M.C.; G. Giardina, P. Reeb. 2005. Shade nets effect on canopy light distribution and quality of fruit and spur leaf on apple cv. Fuji. Spanish J. of Agr. Res. Volume 3. Nro. 2. 253-260.
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