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Expert NameMr. Fernando Jose Ribotta
TitleVeterinary Medic
DivisionSalta Catholic University
Telephone+54 387 4268965
Emailfribotta(at), ribotta(at)
Work ExperienceTraining course to small-scale producers in collaboration with INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) J.V. Conzales - Anta - Salta, during years 2007, 2008 and 2009; "Grazing utilization, water use, cattle pasturing and body condition in bovine, in the semi-arid Chaco and Border Chaco in the Anta Region in the north west of Argentina. This course looks at: A) The sustainable use of natural resources, the clearing of shrubs, the clearing of land, the relationship between animal population density and area, human resources among others. B) Agricultural management of NOA (northwest of Argentina), bovine and equine. C) Training of professionals specializing in the sustainable use of the land and the environment. Annual course of 68-hour lectures and 70 hour workshops.
QualificationsVeterinary Medic - Veterinary School - Rio Cuarto National University - Cordoba - Argentina
Number of Publications125
Awards1. Dean of veterinary school of Salta Catholic Unviersity 2. Regular Joined Professor - Bovine Management Chair - Salta National University 3. Joined Professor - Equine Production Chair - Salta Catholic University
Other Activities1. Specialis and counsellor to speciality in clinics and bovine production 2. Specialist and counsellor to speciality in clinics and equine production 3. Titular member of Argentine Association of Veterinary Surgery 4. Diplomate of Latinamerican College of Veterinary Ophthalmology 5. Diplomate Medical Optical Assistant - American Academy Ophthamology
Publications1. Ribotta, F.: 2001 - Capacitacion of the Farmer and his Personal - XVI International Congress of Agricultural Administration - Chapingo Autonomous University Mexico. Ribotta, F.; 2003 Marketing Mix in Bovine Meat - 1st Congress of Cattle and Agricultural - Salta National University - Argentina. Ribotta, F.; 2004 - Use of Salts in Bovine Production - XIX Panamerican Congress of Veterinary Science - Buenos Aires - Argentina. Ribotta, F.; 2008 The Keys to formed a good professional - 9th Congress of surgery veterinary - Rio Cuatro National University - Cordoba - Argentina. 5. Ribotta, F.; 2008 - Capacitation of human resources in dairy cow production - 1st international veterinary congress - Tarija, Bolivia
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