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Expert NameMr. José Luís Panigatti
TitleNational Coordinator
DivisionSoil Science Program
InstitutionNational Resources Research Center Castelar
CityBuenos Aires
Telephone54 1 621 1448/2096
Work Experience- I worked in Argentine pampas for more than 30 years dealing with soil management at the beginning but in soil survey in the last years at Rafaela (Santa Fe) Experiment Station. These activities give me experience in interdisciplinary soils and land teams for natural resources evaluation and conservation. - During 5 years, I was the National Director of Operations at INTA, prepared international seminars, edited 4 books and coordinated different groups. - Management enterprises, Planification and implementation. (Esp. Salta Forestal, 330,000 ha.) - Coordinator, National Soil Program (INTA) and actually coordinating project "Sustainable Development in Arid and Semiarid Regions of Argentine Republic to Prevent and Control Desertification". This project cover more than 60% of Argentine.
Qualifications* Agronomy Engineer, La Plata University, 1962 * M.Sc. Oklahoma State University, 1969 * Ph.D. Michgan State University, 1975
Number of Publications80
Awards1. Award, Scientific Production in Geography, National Secretary of Culture, 1993. 2. Special Commendation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, 1997. 3. Award, Brigadier Lopez, Santa Fe Province, 1970. 4. Massey Fergusson Award, Agronomy and Veterinary N
Other Activities* Coordinator, Soil Science National Program (INTA) * Board member, Soil Science Society of Argentina * Member, CONICET - Agricutltural Commission
Publications1. Panigatti, J. L. et. al. Labranzas en la Region Semiarida Argentina (1996) Santa Rosa Argentina. 2. Rol Organismos C. and T. Diseño Estrategia Uso Territorio (1997) INTA-INDEC, Buenos Aires. 3. Carti Suelos Villa Trinidad (1990) INTA, Rafaela, 116 p. 4. Utilizacion Cartografia para el Uso Sustentable de las Tierras (1996) INTA, Buenos Aires. 5. Las Rotaciones agricolas con pasturas en la pampa humeda de Argentina, INTA, Uruguay.
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated09/11/2006 15:18:00

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