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Expert NameMr. Ulf Karlin
TitleAssoc. Prof. Coordinator
DivisionFacultad de Ciencias Agropecurias
InstitutionUniversidad Nacional de Cordoba
Telephone54 51 334 116/7
Work Experience* Director, Alternative Production Systems Indigenous Communities. (European Community) * Coordinator, Native Food Resources Evaluation (European Community) * Coordinator, Prosopis Agroforestry Management (Natural Resources Council, E.E.U.U.) * GTZ Consultant, Indigenous Communities and Production alternatives (1994-1997) * FAO Consultant, Agroforestry in Dry Regions (1995) * FAO Consultant, Watershed Management in Dry Regions (1996) * PNUD Consultant, Traditional Knowledge and Technology in South America (1998)
Qualifications* Full Degree in Agronomic Engineering, University of Cordoba, 1976. * Agroforestry Systems, University of Arizona, tucson, 1985 * Nitrogen Fixing Trees, Harvard Forest, 1989.
Number of Publications47
Other Activities* International Foundation for Science Consultant in Agroforestry, 1995-98 * Regional Facilitator National Action Plan (Argentina), Chaco-Puna-Dry Valleys, 1996-97 * Social Agricultural Program (Argentina) Consultant (1995-98) * Member of the Chaco Agroforestry Net, 1992-98
Publications1. Karlin, U. and R. Diaz (1984) Potencialidad y Manejo de Algarrobos en el Arido Subtropical, Argentino. Ed. SECyT. 51 pp. 2. Karlin, U. and R. Coirini (1992) Sistemas Agroforestales para Pequeños Productores de Zonas Aridas. UNC-GTZ. 104 pp. 3. Karlin, U., Coirini, R. and L. Catalan (1994) La Neturaleza y el Hombre en el Chaco Seco. GTZ. 163 pp. 4. Karlin, U. (1996) Produccion Agricola. En: Planificacion y Manejo Integrado de Cuencas. Hidrograficas en Zonas Aridas y Semiaridas de America Latina. Serie: Zonas Aridas y Semiaridas. No. 7:161-174. FAO-PNUMA. Chile. 5. Karlin, U., Coirini, R., Catala, L. y R. Zapata (1997) Especies Arboreas y Arbustivas para las Zonas Aridas y Semiaridas de America Latina. Serie Zonas Aidas y Semiaridas, No. 12:3-71. FAO - PNUMA. Chile.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated12/01/2007 14:36:00

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